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The extracurricular opportunities include band, theatre, football, baseball, soccer, softball, basketball, track, art club, and video game club. Most kids are in sports and a core group of the same kids are invloved theatre, art club, video game club and band. There is also a group for Christian athletes and that is the only religious-affiliated group offered for the entire school. The selection is crap and with how many LGBTQ students that I know go there, you would think there would at least an acknowledgement of them.
The culture at this school is a joke. It's full of white Christians who have been greatly privileged their whole lives or white trash kids who think they're the coolest people in the world and have an IQ of 40. The only salvation are a few band kids who understand how things work and a few teachers who are artistically inclined and truly care about a student's education and getting them ready for the world. It's those few people that are the only reason I won't say that I would rather give this school a zero out of five. Another thing, the vast majority of people in the community have lived there their entire lives, which is just pathetic. The only thing that makes this school unique is it's extreme lack of diversity. I decided to go to a career tech school my junior and senior year to get away from Madison and it was the greatest decision I've ever made. The only other positive I would give this school is that the principal and superintendent are some pretty great guys, but there's only so much they can do.
There are a few teachers that this does not apply to, but for the most part, the majority of my educational career was me being talked at by teachers who didn't care about things that didn't matter and did not interest me.
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My daughter was in the band and it was a great experience to get to see her grow socially..
I feel that most of the teaching staff do a great job. They seem to be in tuned to the students and their individual needs..
The school feels fairly safe. Students are almost always facilitated. There is an on-campus police officer all day.
The band is a fun program and the teachers push the students to be better. It usually requires time outside of the classroom to be successful.
The teachers teach what they have to, but there isn't much effort to make it interesting. Many are willing to give help if you ask for it. A few of the teachers go above and beyond for their students.
The teachers teach the curriculum, but very few lessons excite students. The students aren't challenged, and the top students often get forgotten. However, some of the teachers are passionate about teaching. Also, the extracurricular activities are very fun and group oriented.
theres a lot to chose from and easy to start things
I wish there were more people who shared my determination and wanted to be there
Some teachers are very knowledgable, most aren't
Great lunch choices, and I'm always safe.
There aren't very many, mostly sports.
Wonderful teachers, high student involvement, fun.
The teachers offer all sorts of help and guidance.
The faculty was always nice, caring and we did fun activities like in Spanish we had food and watched a Spanish soap opera to try to figure out what happened. I participated in the musical and it was such a pleasure to work with the director, he was great! the food was not all that great and if you were not in an "important" sport you were insignificant.All in all I had a good experience there and made lots of fun memories.
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