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My experience with Madison High has overall very good. I have made many great relationships with my teachers, and other teachers that have not even taught me that care for me. Most teachers are very willing to help their students, and want what is best for them. I am beyond grateful for the memories the high school has gave me from friday night football games, to pep-rallies, to memories in class with my friends.
Madison High School was an interesting place to attain an education. Though there are some things they do well, such as having caring teachers and endless extracurricular activities, they need to gain more funding to send the overall education levels a little higher. Madison High School does well to be the only high school in an extremely rural area.
The first year was very difficult, as I did not like the people or the teachers and I was very stressed out even though I did not have a lot of work. However, over the years, I ended up having a blast almost every day, although I hated getting up in the mornings. That being said, and I feel like this is the case for every high school, the teachers could treat the upperclassmen more like adults.
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I enjoyed my experience at Madison High School because of the teachers. Almost every teacher I had truly cares about what we learn and what we do. The passion these teachers give out really wants to make you excel and do your best. You can tell they really care about the students, not only the students grades. Most of these teachers were students at Madison High in the past, which shows that they care a lot about the future of our school. Even I have considered coming back and being a teacher for Madison High.
Madison High School is a underfunded School with excellent teachers and staff. During my time at Madison High I have developed wonderful relationships with the staff and students, and thanks to them, I am able to pursue my dreams of post-secondary education.
Madison High School is a good school. It is a smaller school than most. The teachers are good and our school would have a higher rating if the students would try more.
Madison High School has a very welcoming environment. All of the students and staff show great hospitality and treat you with respect!
It is a small school where almost everyone knows everyone. It is easy to gain a relationship with teachers. I like how easy it is to get involved.
I enjoy the atmosphere at Madison High due to the overall positive attitudes of the teachers. I would like to change the way students are looked at. Rather than children, look at the students as adults and give them a voice for what they would like to have done for their school.
The teachers do not teach. The facilities are old, and the only programs that get funding are sports related.
Madison High School is a great school. Madison High is a small community school that has wonderful teachers and students. The teachers and staff are always willing to help the students in any way they can. I have been very fortunate with the teachers that taught me. I will miss the teachers and staff at Madison High.
Madison High has had a lot of administration changes lately, making things at the school harder than ever before. Most teachers care dearly about their students but others could not care less and barely teach. The miscommunication between the admin and the teachers causes issues throughout the whole school and false information to happen often.
Its a pretty meh school. Some good people not really for the most part. Iffy people make for an iffy experience.
I feel as Madison is a great school, I am a freshman here and haven't experienced any. They have a great variety of electives and extra curricular activities. I would definitely recommend this school.
I enjoyed Madison High school. My experience overall was wonderful. High school is a challenge to all students, but the teachers at Madison High made it even better!
I had a wonderful high school experience at Madison High School. The staff were always friendly and most of the kids were great. It was a small school where everyone knew who you were, and the atmosphere was something I enjoyed. Everyone always got excited for Friday Night Football games and we had great school spirit whether the team was good or not. I really had a great time during my four years at Madison High School and I will always be proud to be an alum!
I can text any of my teachers at any time and know they'll give me the help I need to succeed.
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I never had a problem. I feel safe and there are safety measures put in place. It's better than a big city school.
Not a lot of choices for after school clubs and organizations. But I found Future Farmers of America. This is a great organization.
I am a member of FFA. I love this group of kids and teachers. I have learned a lot.
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