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I liked the career techs they offered, but they could of improved on the water (irony) or the food (stale). Throughout my four years they could of handled education and students better.
My experience was good. The teachers are nice and willing to help, they seem to connect with students like family. The students are overall good people, I never really experienced bullying. The school does their best at trying to get students involved in clubs and/or sports. The only thing I think could be better is counselling. The counselling department doesn't always do the best job of letting students know all the information about a topic and they don't always get things done that they are informed need to be done specifically by them.
Madison High school was not a bad school district to grow up on but it could have some improvements. I believe that college readiness could be improved by not worrying so much about state testing readiness and more about making sure we are truly ready for the real world. It would have also been nice to see a change in our school menu instead of the same about 4 things to eat every week. The teachers and staff are for the most part kind, pleasant, and helpful. The students weren’t always the nicest but that’s high school. I always enjoyed participating in sports but I do believe that certain teams were treated better than other teams by staff. Over all my Madison experience was not a bad one and I do have some fond memories of the place and the people.
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The teachers are money oriented, I feel they should have I deeper connection with there students. If I could change this I hire in new teachers, teachers that actually care and, are passionate about there job.
The teacher have taught us all very well. Everyone works well with each other and helps each other out when needed. I do not think I’d ever want to go to a different school!
Madison is like any other high school you may encounter. More focus is put on the sports then any forms of arts. Teachers are a mixed bag, some are amazing and everything you could ask for and some act like they hate kids and would rather be anywhere else. The passionate teachers make learning easier and more enjoyable overall. Diversity is not really there at all but I suppose that's not really anyone's fault, just more Caucasian people live in the area I suppose.
Some of the teachers are good, class sizes are reasonable, distractions are minimal, class offerings are okay, career tech options are good. Bullying is about average, school spirit slightly below average.
Administration only cares about sports.
Some teacher are nicer than others,and a lot of the teachers play favorites.
The extracurriculars at this school are great but i wished they had some more different types, something for everyone.
It's an okay school, every teacher is different, not alot of clubs or organizations
Most teachers have teaching styles that are easy to understand and easily followed. They are mostly helpful and almost always available for helping. The only downside is is that not all teachers keep up on grading and not posting our grades til weeks later.
health policies aren't the greatest
There are very few ethnic or racially diverse students at our school. I can name all of them. The class of 2016 are very good about peer pressure and acceptance and sometimes i feel like we can all get along if we have too. Majority of the students just want to get through high school and get out of there so we just let things happen. The different sexual orientations at our school is limited and no one is ever really judged over it. Majority of the students encourage it.
Madison has one or two cops on duty. We have doors that are sometimes locked, and if they are, teachers have a key fob to open. They do a drug dog search once a year and you can see the fear in the students' eyes. Many teachers wear their ID's on a lanyard as it was enforced at the beginning of the year, but it is starting to die down. The students are supposed to carry around our student ID's, but they are never used for anything. Our school nurse is working half of the day, so you need to know when you can get sick. I feel fairly safe at our school, but they have been notorious for not telling us about bomb threats and sweeping the school after hours. We recently purchased the door barricades, but last week we learned that if you slam a door to hard the glass in the center shatters, so we can only imagine if an armed attacker was trying to get in during a lockdown.
There are many clubs offered at our school. We have many typical honor societies such as National Honor Society and Tri-M, but mostly the same people are in all of the clubs. We have many small clubs such as our Tech Club, SADD

(Students against Drunk Driving?), and our Debate club. Then we have our Yearbook club, but usually the students in the class offered are just trying to get out of class. We also have an interpretive dance team, which is a joke club that a bunch of students go to hang out at. We have student council, and a competitive dance and cheer team, and majority of the clubs meet once a month with a teacher as the head or an alumni.
I loved attending Madison. The school is unique because we make do with the little we have. We have poor funding, our roofs are leaking, and we have been cutting classes left and right. Our school only has one foreign language, Spanish. I have taken 3 years of Spanish and Spanish 4 wasn't offered my senior year. We used to offer Russian, but that was cut before I started my freshman year. They also cut AV club my freshman year. Every year I have at least one study hall, so at least I never have homework. My favorite experiences had to have been with the band. "The Big Blue Band" is my home away from home. I am a majorette and nothing is better than taking the field on a Friday night. We spend our band camp in the back parking lot at our school and there is always excitement. I can't believe that next week I am graduating and I would choose Madison again, I just wish there was more to offer.
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In attending Madison High School, I have had a variety of teachers. At any school, there will be different types of teachers. I have had teachers who teach by only using notes presented on a slide show. Then there are teachers who tell you to read a chapter in a book and then test you on it. The teachers all have different grading processes and styles. My favorite teacher has been my math teacher every year. He always uses weird metaphors to help students learn. Overall though, the school has been notorious to favor athletes, specifically football players. I have been in classes where athletes can sleep, skip class, and turn in no work and pass. Most teachers will help students if they need help, and if they do not, there is someone in their department that will. All teachers are different and the classes are the same.
A lot of people join many of the clubs offered. A lot of people do sports as well.
This school cares too much about athletics, but not so much about academics. The school worries about being on a budget, and does not spend the budget wisely.
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