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Great teachers, who care about you and your education! I am really glad that I went there!! The teachers are willing to work one on one with you to help you out. Also, the food is great and the staff are all really nice. Thankful to have had my education at such a nice school.
Very good teachers and staff that work hard to make sure you are getting a good education. The sports are really good and very entertaining. There is not a lot of downsides to the school, overall it is pretty good.
The way people have changed over the years is outstanding. It isn't all about who is the best dressed or all the cheerleaders and football players being apart of homecoming king and queen. They finally have other kids in it including band members. I would like to see more change in popularity because after high you won't see half of these people ever again.
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The teachers are very helpful and there are many classes to choose from based on your interests. The arts are wonderful however they lack in funding. I have really enjoyed participating in Band, Choir, and Theatre at Madison High School. The sports teams are also very good however having parents as coaches can cause complications. Overall, I loved attending this school.
I was miserable every day there I moved to south dakota from nebraska , and I dreaded going there everyday, I was so unhappy there I would not recommend this school
Madison High School (MHS) is located in the in the medium sized town of Madison, SD. Like most medium sized towns, there is only one high school. Personally, I liked this about MHS. It meant that each class wasn't too small, but that it wasn't too big either. There are just enough people so that everyone knows each other and are there for you when you need help. The staff that works here makes this school great. We have many different teachers who all teach something a little different. Based on what classes you sign up for and take, you are able to create a bond with the teachers whose classes you have taken. These teachers will always be there to help if you have a question or problem; even if it doesn't have to deal with their class or school. I'm glad to have gone to MHS and will always be a proud bulldog!
I feel Madison High is a very safe school. They do random sweeps with the drug dogs. If there is any belief that a student is on drugs or intoxicated the authorities are notified. They also will outreach to students that are believed to be troubled.
Madison High School has a wonderful and new facility. The students all have their own laptops to help incorporate technology into the lessons. I really enjoyed the diversity of sports, clubs and various other programs. My favorite of these being jazz band, concert band, pep band and marching band.
Over half of the the teachers at Madison High School really go above and beyond to give their students a well rounded education. If a student is not doing well, all the student has to do is talk to the teacher about it. Almost all of the teachers are willing to come in early or stay late to help with homework and projects. Some even have after school study sessions for tests.
For the most part things go well - especially if you are a good student. Sometime more time need to be spent with average students.
i think there are a number of opportunities provided for kids to participate. There are great opportunities in choir/chorus and the kids do an outstanding job. The band has diminished in size greatly over the last few years due to a bad band director but there is a new one now so hopefully the numbers will start to increase.
For the most part I think the teachers are doing a great job. There is one that I can think of that I have really only heard negative comments about. She doesn't seem to do a very good job of teaching - more of a here is the it and when she give a test it is sometime over things that haven't been covered in class.
The school regularly has assemblies pertaining to bullying and personal safety. There is also a School Resource Office.
I think this school offers a well rounded High School experience. They have started to offer more career classes and that is a huge plus. In addition to these they are offering Duel Credit classed which give the students a head start on their college careers at a lower tuition rate. I am proud that my children will graduate from this school!
The SRO is top notch, and is very friendly with the students.
Madison High School is like a lot of other schools, it is pretty good, but it has it flaws. Everyone is going to look at those flaws with a different point of view and perspective.
Madison High School is okay. The environment is mostly educational, but sports make most individuals "cooler" than others. Even though I do sports, I believe that every one should be considered equal. The coolest or popping parties should not just include the best at football or the hottest cheerleader. Each high school individual is unique in their own way and should not be criticized for having their own quirks. These reasons are the first things that come to my mind when the subject of Madison High School is brought up. Looking deeper into the district though, the teachers at Madison are very interested in teaching the students to the best of their abilities. Most want you to become independent, but they will assist you on homework if needed.
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The classes are small, which is nice. The teachers are very nice. They offer good classes that prepare us for college.
My education is going extremely well at this school, but there aren't as many opportunities here as I had hoped. 100% of the staff and faculty genuinely cares about every student's education, but I will admit that some teachers (very few, though significant enough) and school board members favor students based on their social status or familial ties. I've had no difficulty with getting assistance with scholarship information, college information, dual-credit courses, A.P. courses, and the like; the counselors and teachers are very approachable and helpful. Every facet of the school (sports, arts, etc.) is successful, though there is a definite emphasis placed on the football team.

Apart from the lack of funding for many clubs I participate in, the obvious focus on sports, and the evident social struggles (racial and sexual biases), I have few complaints.
My overall experience at this school has been good. Although this school system tends to run around sports, this makes sporting events very exciting and fun to attend. This school offers many opportunities with college classes and dual credit programs. It is evident that the staff wants each student personally to achieve and do well academically, and as a whole, this school has a great faculty. If I could do it all over again, I probably wouldn't choose this school, as it is lacking a wide range of activities to participate and get fully evolved in, and emphasis on the arts is almost nonexistent.
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