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I liked the small town feel. The administration needs to connect better with the students because there are recurring issues with underclassmen.
Care for students and other faculty is low. The school has no concern for helping students actually graduate. Teachers don’t even like the board. School does not listen to real issues and only cares about money they could be making.
My experience at madison was pretty good throughout my years the teachers are super nice and very understanding and very involved. Things i would like to see change is the little attention girls sports have compared to boys sports and also the administration needs to get better at letting the community know about events, schoolarships, games and etc.
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Madison High School is a perfectly acceptable school that excels in areas like math and history due to the teachers and not the curriculum. While there are some teachers who go above and beyond to help students prepare for college and the ACT as well as developing good study skills, there are plenty who do not, which makes the high school experience inconsistent and frustrating. The facilities are nice for a school building that is as old as it is. Everything is well kept today and the janitors do a great job of keeping the school clean. Our school resource officer is very friendly and makes the place feel safer. The music and arts programs that the school offers are quite good and all the students enjoy having those classes. Overall the school has some outstanding or exemplary aspects but also some parts that inherently drag it down.
Administrators don't seem to care. I feel unsafe every day. There is no student wifi and the school wifi for the computers is down almost constantly. The computers also hardly ever work and will lock students out. Nothing ever gets done.
Safe schools and in a great community! Crime rate is low and the school is anti bullying. Teachers and staff care about the students. The high school is slightly outdated, but they do their best to keep it as nice as possible. There are quite a few clubs and activities to join as well.
This was a great school with even better teachers. When starting out, I was a little rocky but these amazing teachers picked me up and helped in any way they could. Very eager to spread their education which is what makes it such a great place to be daily. Since recently graduating I've missed all the teachers and thank them very much for shaping me into the student I am today. They really do make you feel right at home and give you a sense of belonging, also creating an amazing environment to learn.
There’s no other high school like Madison High School. Madison has a positive environment, full of students and teachers that seek for nothing but greatness. Madison is truly a great place! It seems about everyday that students are finding new ways to make the school even better! The education is breath taking, and will definitely have you ready for your next stop! Teachers are always willing to stay and help you if you need it. It is a truly a great feeling to say that Madison High School is a family.
The teachers are very engaged with the students when it comes to learning. The students are very productive and friendly. The overall school is great!
The building itself is a dilapidated ruin. No one in the higher administration (on the board especially) seems to actually care about the success of students. We had three different superintendents in two years. The building isn't air conditioned, but is heavily insulated. In the August-September heat, we sit in un-air conditioned classrooms where it's upwards of a hundred degrees. You get sick because of switching from hot hallways to cold classrooms because some teachers have personal air conditioning units. At their own cost. If it wasn't for the teachers, Madison would have absolutely no redeeming qualities. But they have amazing teachers. There are also lots of extracurricular activities and it's easy to get approval for new ones. The music program is also very good.
Madison High school feels more like a family. Many friendships that were formed there will remain with me for many years to come. I was an active member of the show choir and marching band and our instructor was amazing. We forged a great comradery among the team.
Madison High School is a great place to be and I'm very grateful for that experience.
Madison high school is very dirty and half of the bathrooms are filled with kids smoking or unfleshed toilets. The hallways are always filled with buckets from the leaking roof. The study hall room is broken and the carpet is stained and it smells like cat pee.
Some may say Madison Local School District is getting out of hand. It is, but this school really is not that bad. Our school recently came together to help a teacher with his dying wife. We also helped out a teacher who was going to get fired for something he never did, our community came together and saved his job! The only downfall of Madison Local School District is the new superintendent, Shelley Hilderbrand.
Madison is my home. Although our schools may not have the best things they do have the best people. These people have shaped me into the strong person that I am today.
Madison is a very nice environment. The atmosphere makes you feel accepted and happy; however, I would wish to see change in the building. The building is falling apart.
Madison was a very nice place to be. The teachers there were always friendly and able to help with any problem involving their class. However, what I would like to see changed most is the number of fights that break out within the school. My little sisters are still within the school system, and every day I worry that one of them will end up in the hospital as their friends are involved in fights over boys or other drama. Another thing I would like to see changed is the technology reliability. Every student who attended Madison High knew that the computers were nearly unusable at times due to how slow the startup time was. The last thing I would hope for is a science club of some kind. When I attended school here, there was never a science club, or it was never put out there that there was one. I missed having something like that to look forward to.
I think the involvement with some of the kids and the parents. The technology is very poor, along with some of the teachers have no clue what they are doing
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An under-staffed, under-funded brick building with teachers doing the best they could with the little supplies they were given. Madison High School was pathetically vanilla and oppressively conservative. I would like to see a true attempt to fix any real problems such as favoritism, sexism, and the overproduction of waste.
Madison High School is a very good place to send your children to school at. You may of heard of the shooting in 2016, but it was handled the best way manageable and that right there shows you that it is a very safe and good environment to send your kids too.
Most teachers only do the bare minimum, very few exceptions. Bad administration. Lack of funding. Some of the school is basically falling apart. Textbooks are outdated.
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