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I think overall, my past experience at Madison High School has been very enlightening and helped me grow not only as a student but as a friend, a colleague, and a pioneer for new ideas. MHS had a focused learning environment along with a strong in-class and outside the classroom dynamic between classmates and teachers alike.
The school does a really good job funding some activities such as music, art, and sports. Many of the teachers take the time to help students and there are designated tutorial rooms for those who need it. However, there is a lot of work assigned, which is stressing a lot of students out. There are other inconveniences that can be fixed. Wifi is extremely slow and can shut off from time to time. The parking lots are also very small and hard to get out of after school.
best school ive ever been too. I really recommend. Housing is expensive but education is amazing. I am an average student and i really feel supported and i am improving in school
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What I liked about MHS was the sports programs and the dedication to them to have them improve. The teachers at MHS were all very supportive and are always willing to give extra help to students who need it.
As a senior of MHS I believe that this school is one of the best academically. The teachers are great, the faculty is awesome, and the coaches are good at what they do. There's certainly things to improve on such as food, bathrooms, and some sanitation issues. However overall Madison High school is a very good school.
You get what you put into it at Madison High School. The ymteachers and resources are excellent but sometime the school administration gets in the way. When I graduate I will be proud to say I came from this school and I expect the courses and knowledge I gathered will help me in college.
This is a very friendly school. It has the same problems that all other schools encounter but nothing out of the ordinary.
Madison High School had its pros and cons. It was a predominantly white community that didn't look out for minorities and the teachers were subpar. However, the average standardized test score range is fairly high and the athletics are excellent.
My daughter is much better prepared for college than most of her peers, especially when it comes to writing. The teachers at Madison High School truly care about their students and make sure they are learning the material.
At Madison High School all the teachers are always there for you with help, feedback, and extra resources. There are many opportunities to get extra help when you do not understand something. All the staff is always welcoming at Madison High School.
Madison High School is full of seemingly endless possibilities with clubs ranging from our champion marching bands to the Gay-Straight Alliance club to the ping-pong club - there's something for everyone here and everyone is accepting of that.
A quality education; offers tons of APs; pretty decent teachers; most students actually want to learn; too homogenous; pretty good resources and facilities
A good school with a lot of teachers that I like but also some i dont, really bad food, awful diversity, mice running around everywhere, but it's fun to make fun of I guess? and I like most of my classes
Madison High School has extremely impressed me ever since I began studying here. Even though I entered in the middle of high school, everyone was so welcoming, and already in the first month I made great friends.
Madison high School is a school where the teachers are eager to teacher the students and help them with anything, whether it be college applications and writing recommendations letters or helping the student prepare for the test in class or AP tests.
I've always liked attending Madison High School. It's a small community so everyone knows each other. The majority of the teachers are very good and really care about the students.
Overall a good experience I’ve had. The teachers are good however the small town feeling leads to a lot of exclusive social life but once you find your people it’s a great expirience!
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i really enjoyed my time there, i miss it a lot. Not everything was perfect of course, but i connected with a few of the staff and i still miss them today.
I have enjoyed my years at MHS thoroughly. It is just awesome living in "Small Town USA - The Rose City" and being a part of our amazing school system. I know I am prepared to go on to my higher education and my future life.
I would like students with disabilities to be better prepared for life, both academically and socially.
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