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I like the one on one you can have with the staff and students. The teachers are very understanding about a lot of things.
I absolutely love this school. The teachers work very well with the students. They deal with the ups and downs of students daily lives very well. They understand when we are sick and try to help us. They are very understanding when we don't understand something, they work to fix the miscommunication instead of blowing right over it. The principal works well with the students. Our Student Counselor works with us to help us on our way out of High School, she explains everything in detail to make sure we understand everything. She is very caring.
This school really is a family, depending on who you are. I'm lucky to be part of the "In Crowd" but even being someone people likes I still see how the "out casts" aren't treated as well as the others.
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It's a small school that gives you amazing family and community support. I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything. It made me who I am today, the teachers are amazing and one on one help is always available.
Although I might be biased, I go to one of the best schools in MidAmerica. The students here have grown to feel like a part of my family as well as the teachers and coaches. I have many good relationships with faculty members and I know if I was ever having a hard time in life outside of school I could talk to almost all of them about it.
We have the very basic and minimum extracurriculars at my school mainly because no one would be willing to join them or there wouldn't be enough to keep the club/organization running. Most kids, athletic or not, participate in the sports available to us. Those include volleyball, football, basketball, and track. We have a choir, show choir, and band that do many after school performances. Although we are lacking a drama club, I started up a theatre production last year that was a complete success. If a person were to want to start a club they would simply have to ask, get other students interested, and get permission from our principle.
Whenever a problem occurs in our school system our administration is always on top of it. I, with several other leaders of my school, am a part of a counseling group for our middle school kids. We discuss everything from bullying to self respect.
Being a small school in a small town, there are not many advanced programs available by teachers that work here. That being said, many student can still take any course that is desired by going through online courses. I myself am currently enrolled in two college credit courses.
Two years ago my school invested in iPads for the student and faculty from grades preschool to 12th graders. These tools have come in extremely handy in and out of the classroom; when we have an assignment it can be sent to our iPad so no one can "forget" their homework at school. There are so many helpful apps students and teachers can download to make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable.
Our guidance counselor is, if I may, the best of the best. She is always pulling seniors and juniors, even sophomores at times, into her office to discuss their plans for the future. If we need information on a college or to schedule a college visit she will get it done for you.
This is all that matters here. They expect you, if you aren't on the sports teams, to be sitting on the sidelines cheering. They keep up more so with the athletic facilities than they do the classroom. The require Gym classes up until you're a sophomore, and it's optional after that.
You have very few options: sports, yearbook, and sometimes drama or forensics.
The people in this school stick together. They will make you feel like an outcast until they want something from you. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity, it all has to deal with money and your last name.
The buildings are alright, but they added a second gym to the mix. They spent money on that instead of springing for updates that we needed elsewhere in the school. Everything is money and sport influenced, though.
I felt so alienated the whole time I was there. The people who go there all have money and special last nights, so they get whatever they want and if you don't fit their mold, you're dirt on their shoes. Even though I had grown up with the same people for 12 years, they never once made an effort to include me in anything even if I tried. I would have been better off at a bigger school in a slightly bigger town where I would have had people who I identified with.

They have the standard general classes and only a few electives (choir, band, art, home ec) But they are really good about working in college courses for seniors and select juniors. With only a few electives, you don't have much say in your schedule.
This is where it starts to get ridiculous. If one of the athletes got in trouble, then they got off the hook, but if you weren't in sports, then you were held accountable for everything you did and then some. This was the same for things like dress code, hugging, and personal grades.
I feel like I was pretty well prepared, but I was also more invested in it than my classmates. The counselor will help you with the college selection process, but it is difficult to figure out your next steps. They say that the homework they do in class will prepare you for the real world, but it doesn't. I got into college and was surprised. Just keep in mind that you're no longer a child after you leave high school
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Cafeteria food will always be cafeteria food. They didn't accommodate to anyone unless they had a food allergy. This made being a vegetarian very difficult at school. I recommend just bringing your own lunch.
There are not very many extracurricular activity opportunities. Madison High is really big into sports and most people go out for every sport they can. They have some other activities that you can get into such as plays, and quiz bowl.
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