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Madison High School is a have your interest at heart type of school . If I had the opportunity to relive my time at Madison, I would sign up immediately. They let you have opportunities to express yourself; for example, I really love expressing myself throw art and Madison allowed me to paint two school murals for them, one for our football time and another for lunch room decoration. However, the only thing I would consider changing at Madison is not having it be a sport orenited.
The teachers there are very friendly and extremely helpful. I attended for 2 years and received an excellent amount of help when needed. In complete honesty the students do get out of hand from experience, but what I feel they fail to understand is that they go to a really great school, yes there can be some things not everyone would agree on, but this school compared to the one I attended before has less student drama, less fights, and a lot easier to pass classes. If the students are willing to learn and pay attention, you will absolutely pass everything no problem, all you have to do is put forth the effort. Food wise, it's basically the same food all the time in one line and the other goes based off days I feel, every Monday is the same, Tuesday and so on..
The thing that i liked about madison high was the fun and the enjoyment of others. The teachers where fun and funny . They made high school a fun learning environment. What i would want to see changed is the rules . They had rules that where uncalled for and wasnt related to school learning. Most of the time kids were frustrated and didn’t really wanna take education serious because of the rules . But other than that schools was fun and had full of enjoyment and fun activities for everyone to do.
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Madison High School is such an amazing school. Im glad i attened there. Its so diverse and everybody gets along. Even though the student size is small, as a school we try to make it the best.
This school treats white kids from madison heights one way and black kids from detroit another way. The academics are terrible, and a lot of the teachers are pretty bad. Worse of all, the principals are awful. The principal got on the PA last year and said "I'm going to expel 10 kids this month. have a great day!" and then 10 minutes later got on the PA and said "1 down, 9 to go. Enjoy your day." The principals dont care about the kids and there isnt much to do besides football. stay away for ur own sake, especially if you are black.
The school itself is nice. The teacher's are wonderful, the food isn't that bad actually, the theater program is astounding, and so are the music programs. Somethings that need to be improved on though would be the sports teams and the students. They are rude and very disrespectful.
Madison High School is a very active school. The school is very small so the athletes that play in some sports are usually the same athletes that play in other sports. Having a sport to play makes the students more dedicated in school. Being able to play a sport is a must for some students so they do their best to show up to school and get good grades.
I love this school is very diverse. My elementary and middle school was not diverse at all. Having friends of different races, religions, and cultures was a wonderful experience.
Some teachers truly care about the students; others not so much. Some teachers could not care less whether we passed or failed. A check is a check. If you are not on a teacher's good side then they will make your high school life a true struggle. They can get very childish, and they will go as far as making it difficult for you to graduate. Some of the teachers at Madison High School are very good teachers. I believe that some of the teachers there could get a much better job.
The school is not really safe because anybody could come and go out as they please.
Their are barely any extracurricular activities and the ones they do have they don`t take serious.They don`t care if students are really committed or not.The only thing they care about is football.
My overall experience at this school was okay.In general this school doesn't provide students with a variety of activities and things to do.Also, their athletic department only focuses and cares about football and they don`t put any effort in bettering other sports.If I had the choice to attend this school again I wouldn't because, it doesn't provide a good high school experience.
The teachers at my schools are all different some are nonchalant and really don`t care and some do care about students well being.
not how I thought sophomore year would be.
The teachers overall could be improved.
They offer a few extracurricular activities. Lots of sports are available. I have played many sports, usually if you try out you will be on the team. We have such a small enrollment that sports teams have a min. number of players. Wreastling program was shared with another local school.
Our school has a very high racial diversity. I do see special treatment give to a certain racial group.
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They do offer advance classes. They do make your scheduling very set to one schedule. Once you pick these classes you do not get to have any fun classes because of the low staff it is hard to get a better classes.
I have never had a issue with the health and safety of the school. Security has been a issue one time. My cell phone was in my pants pocket in my bag and while practice someone went into my bag and stole it out of my pants. Administration told us that there was nothing they could do because cell phone should not be on property. Lockers were issued after that.
My experience has been ok. I have a very good support team at my house and they make us get everything that we can get out of our education. I have used all the resources that my school has offered. I do know that other schools have much better things available to offer to students. My mom gave me a option many years ago to school of choice to another school district and because I play football I had already started to build a spot for myself here. I have twin siblings and I tell my mom that she needs to not sent them here. My high school counselor has little to no knowledge of up and coming things to help graduating seniors. When I was applying for schools on the common application he did not know how to upload items and the assistant principal had to help him.
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