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What I like about Madison is the diversity of it and that everyone is equal there. Some teachers are absolutely great and very very helpful and inspiring and other teachers just done care for the students as much as the others. It would be great if the school got better food like we were promised. I wish we would also get enough support from the school for our soccer team, which isn’t supported at all with funds and such. But I mean overall the experience for me is good and I’m happy to be going for one more year and that hopefully I’ll be able to graduate top 10 percent from Madison.
Helpful teachers, administration is very involved with students. I attended all four years. It did help prepare me for college with their resources they had. They provide dual credit for college hours for all who are want them not just for those who are in AP classes.
Throughout my high school year, I have met an abundance of people that were extremely kind and respectful. However, most of the school's students can get disrespectful, rude, and full of drama. I would change the amount of fights that happen through my four years of high school. I would also change the benefits that we get for being well behaved students because the ones that were misbehaving got the most attention compared to those that did well. We never got rewarded for being studious.
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When I first attended Madison high school I knew I was going to like it because of the environment even though it could be rough at times. It's also a good academic school such as the fine arts program and the college readiness, but I would like some changes to be made, further as the administration and the teachers.
Everyone helps you reach the next level. Teachers are always trying to push students to new and bigger things. People will stay after hours to help any student in need
Madison High School is a very good school in teaching and helping students out to understand whatever the student need, but i would like the school to be more precision.
Madison was rebuilt in 2019. They implemented the dual credit program along with some technical skills; i.e. welding and barber/beauty school. They also have a college readiness department. I would have liked more parent involvement and better communication from staff to parents. The athletic department getting more exposure by recruiters from major universities.
I have/had many relatives that went to Madison high and to say it’s a good school ;now with a new building I hop there’s going to be a new beginnings there
Its pretty cool, I just graduated from Madison, #2019. I love the new principle, Mrs. Brown, she's cool. I would like for Madison to be more prepared for things. Students just need to be more responsible when it comes to school life. Fighting is honestly lame and it makes everyone in the school look bad. Why have beef when you can have chicken?
Madison Highschool is an amazing school. People overthere are very friendly. I came there in the middle of the school year and I found no problem adjusting to the environment. The only thing we need is encouragement and motivation. I am a very motivated and determined girl but, some when I look at my classmate and there are just so lazy it frustrates me because I know the can do better.
Madison is a really good school overall. I learned a lot about different things during my 4 years at Madison High School. I would like for them to change certain things they do like school spirit.
Love my high school years here. Graduated with Vincent Young and made some of the best friendships. Love the teachers and principals
From my experience in high school I had fun but i also gained a better knowledge and the teachers prepared me for college. It’s not the best environment but it’s a calm environment. Many teachers and students are involved in activities
I've been attending Madison High School for almost four years. My overall experience would be average because the school is not bad but not good as well. If I was to make changes, I would change plenty of things mostly the school's way of being. Also the cafeteria lunch, I believe there should be more variety of foods to choose from.
I like the students here, very coold to hang out with, multiple personalities. Many sweetheart. The teachers are good overall. Not so rough on dress code
Some teachers at Madison know how to handle certain students with family issues and can relate to the are because most of us are minorities. They understand the problems we face and do they best to ensure that we have a better day than the last to get us through the day. They make sure that all of their students that tries their hardest is successful even if that means staying afterhours, that they don't get paid for, to help the students with work or just to talk and be there for them. Regardless​ of the outside reputation of this school , Madison is the best school in Houston in my opinion.
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The teachers are beyond helpful, also administration and staff are very secure and productive. There are few concerns though, the food is really good and the restroom and classes could be cleans better. There are some buildings that have terrible odor problems. Some teachers could do a better job and we could also do without the attitude. Madison has also had a problem with waiting last minute to announce things.
I liked that Madison was a school that wanted to keep their students safe. I like that there were people there who took education seriously and was prepared to learn and really wanted to graduate or move on to the next grade but, there are some things I want to change. I want to see even more kids excited about school, I want to see more active people. I want to see the Pep Rallies have more, "Pep." Overall I really did enjoy my 4 years at the school.
James Madison High high school has awesome Spanish teachers who are respectful and available to help students improve their foreign language skills. Throughout my high schools years, I enjoyed the theater plays and music programs. Although Madison is great in some aspects, the school's college readiness needs to improve.
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