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Madison offered little to no opportunities for students who aren’t involved in sports. It also did not support students who were a part of the LGBT community.
I liked how they inspire us to do our best but what they need to improve on is their attitudes and the way they talk to people
I love the atmosphere and the people. The teachers are great but the hallways get a little crowded. I also wish we had better lunches and more options.
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I liked Madison High School because in my senior year they worked hard to help me make a plan for when I graduate and to help me find scholarhsips.
From day one of my Sophomore year I felt welcomed and was encouraged to work hard to accomplish my goals. The teachers are very interactive with the students and are extremely helpful. The unique inclusiveness of the campus allows administration to have a hands on approach to managing the needs of students. Best decision my family could have made in our school of choice decision.
The teachers are almost always available after school to work and if not, are willing to schedule a time to help you. There is a program called CAP where you get assigned to go to if you haven't completed your homework, so you can complete it and get partial credit. You can also volunteer for CAP so you can work on the computers if necessary and any homework and some teachers even volunteer at CAP as well. The workload depends on the teacher, but it is usually manageable. There is band, choir, sports teams, a performing arts club, and an LGBTQ Club as well. The rules are usual as it would be at most high schools and are enforced again depending on the teacher.
They offer college credit classes, online classes, but few clubs and never really being these things to the majority attention.
It's not the best school in the world. There's too much homework. Too many students are left confused with homework and not able to ask for or receive help. Only focus on the athletic students. But it's not the worst school in the world either. As long as I've been going, there's only been less than twenty fights that I can recall, we have a CAP program, and no serious bullying taking place, just basic that happens at every high school.
The teachers do what is required of them but do not go out if their way or do anything exceptional. The classes never use real world examples but just often leave me confused. Only very few teachers are available for the specific subject you need help with.
I love all of the clubs and athletics offered at this school. Teams and clubs consist of their own little families. I genuinely love this school.
I love this school so much because there are plenty of things to do and many friends than can be made. I am definitely going to miss this school.
The teachers are great for the most part and they genuinely care about the students and will help us after school
I believe there could be many more after school activities for a wider variety of students.
Parents can be very harsh to other students especially when it comes to sports.
Teachers are under appreciated and over worked by administration and kept on a tight leash
it has the ups and downs
I mostly love the teachers at this school. You can tell that they want you to succeed and will do anything in their power to help you. Also it may be a small school and rumors spread fast, we as a whole do NOT accept bullying and will nip it in the bud when heard.
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I hate our school lunch it is terrible
For a small school many of our policies aren't that bad honestly.
We are blessed with a very nice gym but some of the other areas could be improved.
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