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Madison-Grant Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Madison grant Jr/Sr High school is a very good school. we have great teachers and alright students. The school is recently being updated which it desperately needs. we have great teamwork and school pride. Most teachers are very involved in students and this greatly benefits us. However we are a very small school in the middle of nowhere and this gives us a bad reputation.
For the most part, I didn't have any problems . The only difficulties I faced was having a couple teachers that taught in a way that made it more difficult for me to understand. However, I also had teachers that went above and beyond to make sure I understood and would work with me with grades or homework when needed.
The teachers are very helpful and care about your wellbeing. They make sure you understand everything they are teaching you. The staff is really nice and caring. The school is clean and easy to navigate.
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I would like to see more opportunities for students. I would like to see a greater variety of classes and extracurriculars become available to students.
I went to high school here and had a wonderful experience, particularly with the show choirs. I was also able to take multiple dual credit and Advanced placement classes to prepare me for college. I am now graduating college early because of all the credits I received after completing the classes at MGHS.
MG makes for a nice homey environment if you fit into the community. We have limited diversity, and most are very narrow minded. Many of the teachers act like they're only there for a paycheck and could care less about you or your future. Some teachers are phenomenal and go above and beyond to see you succeed, but there are rotten apples still. Class sizes are generally too large, so a few more teachers would be nice. I'm sure the superintendent could afford a salary cut. As far as I know, the former jr. high principal is now the high school and jr. high principal. The quality of the food is generally terrible.
I believe Anti Bullying campaigns are a joke! Kids bullying each other has been around since the beginning of time. I was bullied, and at the time it was painful but it made me stronger. I learned how to stand up for myself over time. If we protect all the kids being bullied they will never learn to do that on their own. I believe educating the kids being bullied is key, not protecting them. No one can protect all the time. That is what builds survivors, not campaigns and awareness. Lets stop acting like bullying is some kind of recent phenomenon.
The extra curricular activities enable the average athletes to compete. The lower population and class size give kids higher self esteem.
This is one of those things that could go either way for most communities. We are a blue collar-farming based school system. Most of us come from in tact families, but more could be done to support the kids that come from divorced families.
Most of the teachers live in my community. This makes them more approachable. They invest because they are investing in their own communities. The teachers are frustrated by the school system forcing us to use Ipads when most of the time they are a distraction.
My daughter loves her teachers
They've welcomed my daughter with open arms
Both my husband and myself graduated from MG we are very happy with the school and community.
Well balanced curriculum. Many teachers have tenor and care deeply about the students and the learning environment.
For a county school the organization is outstanding. Clubs range from boosters to foreign language.
Additional security at all doors through out the corporation
My health and safety are not really at risk.
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There is not a very positive environment.
Many teachers are passive, ridiculing, and rude.
The school is unique because it's in the middle of a rural area and everyone knows everyone. There are certain things we value that many people may not have even heard of.
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