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There's many extra curricular activities.
There is a policy and explanation to everything. Anything that's questioned can easily be discussed with school leadership.
Chinese Immersion students excel at this school.
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My father is a teacher so I'm picky about education and schools. My son is a special needs child and they are wonderful with him. I am impressed with their patience and them making sure he's getting the best education as possible. I love the activities my family can be involved in. I love feeling that my family is important and that staff remember us and greets us warmly each day. We do the Chinese Immersion with this school and would recommend it to anyone. There is a plethora of activities and volunteer opportunities. Yes, there's a threshold when the kids can't go outside in the cold-it's explained that it's for the safety of the children and staff. Yes, it's overcrowded-but so are all of the area public schools. If residents would pass education levys money would be available for expansions. I feel like my son is safe, secure and getting a wonderful education at this school.
There's numbered windows outside in case of emergencies. There's a parent notification system when there's an incident. There's a blue light outside the main doors to signify that there's a lockdown in progress and you may not enter. The once I've witnessed a lockdown everything was handled calmly, efficiently and safely. The kids are in good hands.
Too many students, many with special needs, not enough classrooms, not enough teachers. Seems like teachers are too tired to care.
Kids who struggle to learn get all kinds of help at this school. Kids who are high level learners get set aside to gather dust - because they are already at grade level, the teacher doesn't really need to do anything with them. They should be being pushed to their full potential as well.
It's embarrassing to walk into the office and see that the first person our children (or visitors) interact with is dressed like a hooker! There is no dress code. When I was in school, teachers only wore jeans on *very* special days (and with a monetary donation). The men in the school *always* wore a tie.
There is Student Council for those who get elected. There is "targeted services" for kids who need extra help with learning. There really are no enrichment activities for those children who find that learning comes easily.
PTA/MPAC meetings are overdone with "guest speakers" - some issues don't get fully discussed.
If weather is bad, recess is cancelled - not just moved indoors. My son doesn't get much out of gym class.
Sometimes seems as though the only opinions that are given credit are those of minority students. Also seems like "the little white boys" are often overlooked (in favor of girls or minorities) when being chosen for special activities
School office (where visitors are "required" to sign in) is in the middle of the school. Once a person is "buzzed in" at the front door, they can make it into the art room in 3 seconds, into the gym in 5 seconds and be clear to the other side of the school before anyone in the office realizes that they haven't made it to the office.
This is my 11th year as a parent at Madison. When my oldest child started here, I loved this school. Everyone was so friendly, the teachers seemed genuinely happy to see the students, children who struggled were aided and encouraged while children who easily excelled were encouraged to set their sights even higher. With the number of students at this school now, the teachers seem overworked and like they can't wait to get out of the building at the end of the day. Bullies who have "special circumstances" (broken homes, mental issues) are allowed to get away with bullying while a child who speaks up is brushed off. I am glad that this is my final year at Madison.
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