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Madison Early College High School Reviews

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I would really like to see more collaboration with the high school and more interaction between the early college staff and the students who are full time AB-Tech.
Great school with a lot of opportunity for furthering education. Mostly great teachers except for a few.
I enjoyed the classes, teachers, and my overall experience at this school. I felt like the teachers properly prepare you for the future whether you planned to go to college, join the workforce, or go into the military. They provided you with knowledge along with advice to help you be successful. Something that could be improved upon is trying to add more clubs and activities for the students separate from just the academic classes.
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I transferred to the early college my junior year in high school. Once I made the switch I was so much happier with my education and myself. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. Helped me with anything I needed, and treated me like an actually student.
Kind students, helpful teachers. There's lots to learn and lots to enjoy . I promise if you choose this over Madison high school you will not be disappointed.
I love Madison Early college! I am prepared for my AB Tech college classes that I'm taking as a sophomore. My teachers are great, the students are friendly and it is a safe working environment.
The teachers were amazing. Nearly every one of them offered to help after school or during lunch. Some would change their way of teaching to adapt to the kid's needs. If there were a few students that were slower learning, she would make the others work while she concentrated on them. There were not a lot of options for different classes at the high school, although the college really expanded our choices. The scheduling process at the high school was very easy, but the college was a bit more difficult. The workload was very tolerable, even the college classes were light.
It is a very easy-going school. There was hardly any peer pressure, and the students and staff were very accepting of all students. If there was even a rumor of bullying, every student involved was taken to the office, then talked to one-by-one. Different sexual orientations were accepted, even encouraged to not stay in the closet. Racial diversity was never a problem.
there's all types of sports programs and FFA
i would not choose to go to this school if i had a choice
The health and safety could be much better. They just recently hired a nurse. They do not lock the doors, but they do have security cameras everywhere. There is usually a policeman patrolling around the building during the day. They have random dog sweeps at least once every two months. They are moving the school to a newer building though.
There are many different types of clubs and organizations the students can participate in. A few have even went to national levels of competition. The administrators and teachers are very involved in them, and many are there at every competition.
If I could choose this school again, I would go back as a freshman. I joined the school as a junior and I sorely missed those first two years. The students are very diverse and individualistic. Having college classes along with normal high school classes made it more challenging.
There are many good teachers, but few of them go above and beyond helping the students. Their teaching styles are fun and engaging. A few of the teachers are lacking in communication skills and their interest in the students, but nearly every school has a few of those.
This college is a joke regarding preparation for real world. They just care about the numbers they can send to central office.
Safety at this school is not an issue, there was one random drug dog search.
Do not listen to students
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We are left with the left over food.
The building is old and the technology out dated
More focused on the grades then actually teaching
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