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I liked that there were some teachers who actually cared about your education and wanted you to do your best. Some classes didn't have enough books to go around though so you would have to share in class. The food was ok. At least they had a la cart line and vending machines. Football and Madison go hand in hand. My friends are what made the experience of high school mememorable.
I liked how the teachers helped me with what I was struggling with. High school so far have been the best but my 9th grade year was the best out of them all. I think the rules should not be as strict as they are now. some of the teachers and administrators are very helpful in so many ways.
We have some teachers who would go out of their way to make such you have the education you deserve. But, sometimes in the school the atmosphere can feel a little damp.
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I have enjoyed the last 4 years attending this school. This school is a great school in a small town.
It was a couple of things that I liked about MCHS, they are starting to recognize students in academics, then in sports. They have added more clubs that people are more interested. what I don't like about MCHS is that the administration is more strict on like having no headphones and dress code, than it is on academic. I say that they need to focus more on the kids learning the correct way rather then on little things that just should have been left alone. Overall, MCHS is a good school.
In the days that I have been at Madison High, I have found that it is more like a family than anything. The school is small, but I like that since it is small everyone knows everyone. The teachers are more involved with their students, and students feel more connected because of this. It does not matter to me that I have not been here long, I love it and am proud to graduate from here.
It is your average school, although it is a bit strict, it is actually enjoyable with the various amount of career opportunities that you can choose.
No one cares about you unless you’re a star sports player, primarily a football player. The only good thing about this school is you can dual enroll at the local college in town which can get you college credits faster and prepare you for universities but not many students get this opportunity because their test scores are not high enough to enroll.
I love the fact that it has some teachers that will push you to be better than you think you can be. I love the motivation and passion that some of the teachers give. I would love for the school to have staff with the same mentality of passion.
I attended MCHS for four years and the school was great. What made it that way was the teachers I had that made it fun to go to school everyday and learn. They try to motivate students to do their best and push themselves to try new things. I personally loved going to MCHS because the experiences I had there partly has something to do with who I am today.
My experience at Madison County High School has been good. This school care about the dress code more than they do state test. When it comes down to sports they only recognize the boys football team and no other sports. We have very little access to health food because the food be greasy. At Madison some teachers in the school care and want us to succeed but there are some teachers that does not care what we do. Their is one teacher by the name of Mrs.Vargas she is a straight forward person. She tell us that the real world is waiting on us and that we need to grow up because the things that are going on the world we can change because our voices matter. She is turning the school around for the best of the students that she call her kids. If we had more teachers like her our school would be an A school.
My experience was ok I wish it felt more like a high school than a prison we got to leave after 3:20.
Madison County is a good high school very good in football and other sports, the learning could be a little better but other than that its a good school.
What I like is that it is safer than other schools. I would like for the school to offer more language classes and have a higher diversity.
Good school in a small town community with a pretty good amount of good teachers! Administration and staff is pretty good! Because of the small town most people know each other so the small knit community adds to the overall friendliness!
Madison is a small town school that places sports over academics. The guidance counselors are not very helpful and students are often left to figure out their own plans. That being said there are some amazing teachers at this school who are good at what they do.
I love how they encourage students to learn and gives students a easier way to learn. I also love the teachers involvement in the education of the students, I also love the one on one sessions with the teachers for a better understanding of classwork, etc.
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I would like to see students academic progress change alot. I would like to see them improve. I would like to see students become more serious about their work & elevate.
Madison County High School does not push its students to learn. There is a select few teachers here who actually assign work like it should be given. This school has the potential to be a good school, if only the students were pushed to their potential more.
I love my school as a whole we just need more electives that will prepare us for the real world. If we are prepared for real life things such as college, managing money, and making wise decisions many student won't be lost.
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