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I had such an amazing experience at Madison County High school!! Only having around 140 in my graduating class, it really allowed us to be very close. There wasn't anyone I didn't know walking down the halls. My teachers were nothing less than amazing and always helping students in any possible way they can. My teachers weren't just teachers, they acted as friends/family to students in a very professional way. I will always remember my years as a Madison County Tiger and the amazing memories that were created!
I love how it’s not a super small school but you still can get to know the teachers on other level. It is a fun environment to learn and be successful
In the four years I have spent at Madison County all the teachers I've had did everything they could to make sure I was ready for the next step. Everyone welcomed you with a warm welcome. Our school will suggest different ways to help you study. The music program has kept me going the most through school.
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Great school - I love the family atmosphere and accountability to which students are held. The staff is welcoming and approachable.
We need Better lunches!!! But the teachers and school is overall good. We need more funding for our school.
The overall experience of this school is ok. There are few teacher that truly help prepare you for college. The only challenge the school really provides is ap classes. The school basically does whatever to make sure every kid passes, but not preparing them for college in the process.
Small school atmosphere allows for closer friendships and less teacher to student ratios. The drawback is that it only allows a limited number and type of classes that can be offered. Other schools in the system are larger so they are able to provide a broader curriculum. The technical school program is good to help fill in the gaps and provide for a future for those that prefer a trade for their career versus a college degree.
Madison County is my favorite school because it is full of respectful staff, very genuine and funny staff, and just overall friendly staff that will always give second chances so that you have the opportunity to graduate. There are plenty of athletic programs to get involved in, and it is not a very big school so there in no need to worry about getting lost trying to find I class room, or no need to scurry down the hallway due to the fact that the classes are close.
Madison County sets up an individualized approach to learning focusing on what is special inside each student who attends.
This school is a positive environment and the teachers encourage you to push yourself to your best abilities and they give you the resources to do so! :)
The health and safety of each student is taken very seriously no matter what!
At MCHS several clubs/sports are available during and also after school. For example, some of the clubs we have are Student Council, Beta Club, FCA, FCCLA, FBLA, and Robotics team. Some sports available that aren't the usual sports include Bowling Team, Archery Team, Swim Team, and track. We do also provide the general sports such as football, baseball, basketball, etc.
I would attend MCHS all over again because, I really have had a great time here. The teachers always make class fun, but not only the teachers help make my day, it's the people around you that help make this experience the best also. We truly are one big family, and each and every student is very appreciable in their own ways.
I must say that most of the teachers here at Madison County High School are very supurb. We have lots of teachers who are very ingaged in the learing and education of their students. These teachers are very reliable and are not only there for teaching the class as a whole, but also they are very substantial about the individual needs of each student.
The PTO/PTA at our school is not very large or active.
There are those few teachers that greatly impact your life in many ways. Madison County definitely has those type of wonderful people.
We need a variety of online courses at our school.
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The SRO is highly trained and responds to any need.
All after-school activities have many high awards.
The atmosphere makes this school unique.
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