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Personally, I feel like the academics are above average for our area, but the heavy focus on sports leaves programs like band, chorus, and theatre underfunded.
While attending MCHS I never not once felt uncomfortable. All the students and staff and very friendly and nice. We(students)all helped each other with work if we could. I graduated feeling very good knowing that I learned something and that my experience there was setting me on the right path to continue my education. If you ever visit MCHS the ladies in the front office whole greet you with the warmest hello you ever had.
I really enjoyed MCHS the teachers are awesome especially Ms.Dunn, the only thing I would change is to offer more cultural diversity.
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My experiences at Madison County High School were generally positive, although it failed to adequately prepare me to enter into college. Not that the academics were below-average by any means, I've performed exceptionally well as a student, and I managed to adapt to collegiate-style courses with relative ease. The problem lies in the administrative and advisory sector. As a student, I went years without knowing about the importance of extracurricular activities, grades, and general involvement in regard to constructing a competitive college application, and lacking that critical information made applying and then transitioning into college a deeply unpleasant experience to me. Overall, the academic sector is satisfactory, but the long-term advising is disappointingly underdeveloped.
Overall, MCHS offers a wide range of classes of very diverse subjects (from agriculture and construction to technology, art, and music), taught by some extraordinarily wonderful, engaging, and experienced teachers. Teachers are even encouraged to stand out and step up their teaching game through the opportunity to be recognized on the "Teacher of the Year" plaque at the entryway of the main building (this plaque is generally pretty accurate). Students are encouraged to be kind and dedicated by the school faculty and administration through several rewards for high grades, perfect attendance, etc. The best meal is the Boom Boom Chicken Wrap, which combines sour-dough bread with a slice of cheddar cheese, a few strips of chicken, and slices of bacon, all rolled up into one delicious sandwich and topped with Boom Boom sauce. The only thing that I would do is get rid of the hand blow dryers in the bathroom and replace them with paper towel dispensers because the blow dryers barely work.
Our school is pretty awesome. There are lots of classes to choose from and class sizes are still good. Most of the teachers are great and really help you to achieve your best.
I came from Clarke County. I think Madison County is not only more flexible with the students’ schedules, but also more focused on the students’ futures. At my old school, we had personal laptops. Although at MCHS we don’t get this privilege because of the school’s income, I believe the staff go that extra mile to make sure every student is safe and well-maintained. Some students may be mean to others, but kids are always cruel. Minorities aren’t really heard of in Madison County, and being a latina, I have experienced some forms of “bullying.” But the teachers will do their best to make sure everyone is treated right and fair. I believe this school is the right place for me.
The scholarly side is terrific. They have tons of opportunities available and have great teachers. The sports however tend to get the majority of money which is very bad for fine art students like myself
My daughter graduated from Madison County last month. She is an excellent student who took challenging coursework. The teachers were always helpful. The administration knows the kids by name and the Senior Counselor Mrs. Sara Owens was absolutely on point with getting the college ready.
The teachers are easy to talk with. They communicate well with parents, especially if they have a concern about tour child. They get to know the students individually. The teachers are very caring and they show it through their attitudes.
I’ve had a very great experience coming through the school system for a long time, and I’m sure the school will ready students perfectly fine for life after high school and I know I will be able to come back and always have a home here.
I love Madison County! We have awesome teachers and students that make the high school experience fun and memorable.
New, clean building. Most teachers were very caring about your academics. They had a resource officer art school at all times to be sure everyone was safe. The counselors were helpful with college transitioning.
I liked it! The teachers are really nice and cared about me. The teachers I had were very passionate about the subjects they taught and they constantly kept me engaged in not only academics but also extracurricular activities.
My experience thus far has been pleasant. Overall, I have enjoyed the most the same part I have the least: the staff. Many teachers I have encountered are very easy to talk to and discuss academics with, but some teachers and counselors have proven that the students' education and future is not their main concern.
MCHS was a decent school when I went there during 2012-2016. The school buildings got major upgrades, and the library expanded its collection and resources, but the academics still weren't the best. However, it was good for a rural school.
All of my teachers were genuine about wanting me to succeed! The facilities were brand new, we had the best technology, and our teachers were there for us the entire 4 years. I have never felt more happy than I did during those days at MCHS. It is not very diverse, but it does not lack any culture, as everyone is very socially conscious, and eager for a positive change in the world.
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When I attended Madison County High, most students planned on entering the work force after graduation. This left little guidance for the students intending to pursue secondary education. Though I figured out applications and SAT scores and student loans on my own, I know not every student was in my shoes, marking a true disservice from the school. I believe the school is making a move towards improving this, and I look forward to seeing more MCHS grads taking on college.
I loved my high school experience at Madison County High School. I am an upcoming senior, and I cheered for 3 years. I got the chance to be able to participate in dual enrollment and I loved to be able to get somewhat ahead. I can not wait to see what is in store for senior year.
Danielle Collins
I like the staff at this school because they are always finding ways for you to succeed in class or in a extra curricular activity like a sports team or club.
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