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I have attended Madison Consolidated to take a couple classes for the past four years. In my experience, the teachers have all been fantastic in delivering a good education and giving good attention to the personal needs of each student. Madison offers a strong lineup of AP classes, such as AP Chemistry, Literature, Calculus AB and BC, French, and more. Unfortunately they do not provide IB as well, but it is a fair trade for the AP selection. The school facilities do feel outdated, but they have recently been investing in more modern upgrades, such as a brand new student commons. As far as academics go, I would absolutely attend Madison again.
Overall, Madison is a good place to send students for high school. I wish there was more of a school culture, with more clubs and student involvement. I think the best two programs in our school are the arts and STEM. As far as facilities, our school is constantly making changes to make it a better learning environment for students. Right now they're working on a new theater for our arts program.
I had a great experience at Madison. Academically, my Junior year almost all Science teachers left all at once. This created a panic among administration and unqualified people were replaced in these classes. Other than that, I had a great experience.
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During my time at Madison Consolidated High School, I find it to be very average. There's not a lot of problems with it being a high school located in a small mid-western town. There is constant construction, so it inconvenience the students during classtime. There is little to no engagement parental wise. And some of the students don't really try their best. Other than that, it's okay.
I like that Madison is always trying to improve and modify their educational and social aspects. I feel as if they do try to accommodate students and make the school day easier. One thing I love is that they give students tremendous academic opportunities like dual credit classes, AP classes, internship, and vocational school. However, there are many things I do not like. One would be that I feel they do a lot of unnecessary things, such as drug testing, mixed schedules, and inconsistent discipline.
I love the Fine Arts program that they have for the students. Also, I like how they partnered with Ivy Tech in Madison to help students be better prepared for college and help us get dual credit classes. I would like to see the science department improve as far as faculty members.
Madison Consolidated High School has taught me how to mature and grow up fast as a young adult. For example, the school started talking to the students about college very early on in our careers as teenagers. They offered everyone early college classes at Ivy Tech to get a head start on our college classes before we graduate. Some students will have they're freshman year of college done by the time they walk across the stage with their cap and gowns.
The teachers I have had throughout my time at Madison really made my experience. They cared about their students. We also had good opportunities with Ivy Tech as upperclassmen. I was involved in many activities. While we have had a lot of problems with administration and our facilities , overall my experience has been positive.
I love my school. I have the best and most invested teachers that I have ever seen. They are very willing to help out the students with all their needs. There are all kinds of sports and extracurricular actives for all students no matter the diversity of the student.
My experience at MCHS wasn't the best. The teacher weren't the best at teaching some just handed you worksheets and that was about it. Others would just talk the whole class period give no homework but expect you to be ready for a test without anything to study with. What I liked about MCHS is how involved the students get with sports and activity's. We have a club called "pep club" where we talk about what we are gonna wear to the games like what the theme is gonna be. We have a student section where we all sit and cheer on our school. What I would like to see change at this school is the teachers. I would like to see new improved teachers that enjoy teaching the students instead of doing nothing.
I moved to Madison IN just in time to start high school. The previous school I had attended was mainly druggies and rednecks, who did not care if they hurt people around me. My time at that school was a terrible experience, but then I started going to Madison Consolidated High School. On the first day I was able to meet people who came to be my best friends. The teachers were also much kinder than the ones at my old school, willing to take the time to show me how do the schoolwork. Overall, Madison Consolidated High School is a great experience for me and I enjoy being here.
After moving to Madison Indiana at the start of my second year of high school, i found the community to be very open and welcoming, especially at extra curricular activities.
The high school could use quite a bit of change, but it has proven to be an educational experience during my four years. The academics tend to be slightly behind, but the teachers are exceptional at teaching the subjects provided. If I could change something, it would be to have a better academic environment. Our school is behind many other schools, yet it has no reason to be. My overall experience with Madison Consolidated High School has been okay.
What I liked about Madison Consolidated High School was the effort and care the teachers put into their students. As a student with many questions you could always depend on a teacher to stay after school or come in early to ensure you understood the material. What I would change about Madison Consolidated High School is the leniency for rude and bad behavior. Many students are free to roam the halls, curse, and disrespect teachers. It reflects our school poorly and should not be tolerated.
As being a Junior at Madison Consolidated High School I have to say that what I like about it is how we have something for everyone. From our sports for our jocks to the marching band for the musical people; we also have a team for mathletes. Something I personal do not like about Madison High School and would like to change is how we focus more on the sports then academics and how we do not offer a whole bunch of Agricultural classes for students.
The teachers are devoted to the students that have an aptitude for learning. The physical state of the school is horrendous. The building is infested with bugs, mold, and mildew. The building is deteriorating due to its old age and poor maintenance on the part of the administration. However, as stated before, the teachers and faculty are wonderful. They foster educational and personal advancements. The coaches push the athletes to be better every single day. The common theme at Madison High School is poor care of the school itself.
The only problem I have with Madison Consolidated High School, is the attention lacking in the fine arts programs.
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The superintendent is corrupt and needs to be let go. She has fired a great principal, Mr. Yancey. She has no reasons as to why she chose to propose this idea. I have heard from many students and teachers alike, along with experiencing the feeling myself, as to how much everybody dislikes her and thinks she is a corrupt, dictator-like woman who does everything so that she can give herself a raise.
It is very biased but a tight knit group of kids and teachers. I feel like they do not have the opportunity to teach students to the best of their abilities.
Attending Madison High School for four years has taught me many valuable lessons. It allowed me to make new friends, gain knowledge, and experience many different things. The main thing i loved about this school was how they prepare you for college. Due to Madison High School collaborating with Ivy Tech, I was able to get my first year of college out of the way, and am now considered a sophomore academically during my first year of college.
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