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It’s like any average private school. Everyone knows everyone and their business, but some of the teachers actually do care about the students and it shows. The administration is messy and there’s people in place who don’t always treat the student fairly though.
I believe there are some changes that need to be made at this school such as equality, the preparation for the seniors that are getting ready to head off to college, the administration, and sports. I feel like the administration should pay more attention to students and treat them all equally. I think they should try to do more things to help the seniors prepare for college. I believe that they should take their sports more seriously and get better coaches because they are always losing a lot of games and that ruins the moment for the students that come out to show their support. They should embrace the cultures of their students by having chapels or programs that celebrates the different ethnicities that are amongst their students as a way of showing their support and love for the students at the school.
To start off my experience going to Madison Christian wasn't all that great. As much as there was diversity there was much race conflict at this school. The teachers has not worked with students of color to help prevent racism at this school and it is very disappointing.
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I like how some of the teachers actually care about the students and are real when it comes to life and going out into the real world, I like the academic level because it is challenging but it is also bearable. I like how diverse the school is but I think they need to fix how they value minorities, for example, putting something together for Black History Month. Madison Christian School needs to also learn how to be fair and approach matters without jumping to conclusions first.
I transferred to Madison Christian for high school, after being homeschooled through middle school. Overall, the school is average, and is not strong regarding sports, college prep or readiness, or clubs/ activities, but, if you get the right teacher, the academics are good.
Teachers here do not truly care about their jobs, nor do they care about the students. Students are permitted to bully others with no consequences, teachers are disrespected, and the school staff is insane with policies, and rules, even going as far as to threaten students if they do not do what they want. Bathrooms have no paper towels, paint is peeling, and no school lunch is offered. To add to that, lunch is held in the gym and we are required to clean and sweep the tables. If we fail to do so, we have our lunch seats assigned to us the next day.
I hate it here. Kids literally get away with bullying, harassing, and being rude to not only students but even the teachers. They're also kinda racist. If you're white and do the same thing as a black student you'll get less of a punishment.
This school is racist against African-American or any other race that is not white at the school. The white kids call the African-American students the n-word and other words that shouldn't be allowed. The teacher's aren't the best and some hardly even teach the students anything.Some of the teachers do not let the students out of class on block schedule which is a class that is almost 1-2 hours long. They don't care if you have to use the restroom even if your a girl and you are on your period. Im highly disappointed in this schoolsin . There's bullying going on and the teachers don't seem to care about it. The employees are also racist they treat students different because of their skin color and how they act. A white student doesn't end up getting as bad as a consequence as the colored kid does.
Now, it's been a little while since I was a student at Madison but I certainly enjoyed my time there! I only went there for one year, my senior year, but it was the best school year I ever had. I felt like I had challenging academics, friendly teachers, friendly peers and an overall fantastic learning environment. I was also a teacher's aide for my volunteer requirement for graduation and the environment for the little ones was just as great.
The greatest decision my parents made was to send me to Madison. It helped me to excel Spiritually and Academically. It also helped me create friendships that will last a lifetime!! The teachers are awesome and really care about their students.
The school is great if you happen to fit into their legalistic box of what is acceptable. If anybody even happens to perceive you the wrong way, though, you better watch out.
Madison Christian School is a great environment. The school staff is always friendly and willing to help in anyway. We felt the warmth and closeness immediately. The low student to teacher ratio allows for deeper interaction and instruction. This is very important for the foundation of learning and for the future. The courses are challenging, which helps prepare for college. The area that needs improved would be the meal program. They have tried a couple of different options which have not been a success. It was very expensive for the portion size and quality of the food. The administration let the students and parents vote to decide. The votes were against the program. The students have to pack their lunches. I don't fault the school at all. I honestly do know all the options out there. All in all I would recommend this school. Our experience has been positive.
Madison Christian School is working on improving many things. Since I graduated, they have improved their accelerated classes and technology in the school. They also have a lot to work on. You have to either be a Christian or pretend to be a Christian to attend here, so keep that in mind. The school would often sacrifice academics to prioritize religion.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Madison, the teachers and faculty are nice and helpful. Great christian people, who love God and their students, and their goal is to help us get ready for college, a good hard curriculum. I'd love to see their sports program change for the best and more well known for a division four team.
Madison Christian School (MCS) provides an excellent education for all students while at the same time preparing them to become strong Christian leaders. The attention you receive from the teachers at MCS is unmatched by any other school. MCS prepares its students for life after high school and equips them with the necessary tools to enter the world of college.
Overall, I have been attending this school for a little over three years. Throughout my experience here, I have learned that there are so many opportunities out in this world. I love Madison Christian. From the loving and caring staff to the mixed environment of caring individuals that I call my class.
MCS has prepared me greatly for the life ahead of me. The teachers and academics are very good. Each teacher truly cares for and challenges each student. Some updating could help the school grow. The facilities and resources are rather outdated and underfunded.
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The teachers are very committed and invested in the students. The AP and Honor courses prepare the students well. Generally the students are very friendly and welcoming.
My son started at Madison Christian 2 years ago (he just started 2nd grade this year). He was at goddard for years and still couldn't read and after 3 weeks at Madison Christian he was already reading very well! The teachers here are amazing! All of the staff cares about your child and wants them to succeed. I am amazed at how most of the staff knows my son's name and they treat him so well! My son loves it here and he does so well in class! It is worth the tuition! I love how the school involves the word of God into their curriculum. I love how much they let parents get involved in their child's life at school. Including with sports. I really enjoy volunteering every year with the sports that my son does at school. Kids in the athletic program are all treated equally and get the same amount of "play time" in sports. My son used to be really shy when he first started at the school, but he has definitely grown more confident and social since he started here.
I am in a unique position as I am the Girls Varsity Basketball Coach as well as a parent of a current senior at MCS; therefore, I have seen all sides of this wonderful Christian School. My wife and I made the decision during my daughters 7th grade year to leave Patriot Prep due to their transition from the former Liberty Christian Academy. We felt that the structure, environment and support of MCS was the best for her. We have not been disappointed. The love and commitment by the MCS administration has been phenomenal and our daughter has thrived academically, spiritually and athletically. My immediate family is extremely blessed to have the MCS extended family in our lives and I would recommend this school to any one searching for a school that cares about the well being of all students.
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