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Madison Central School may seem like an okay school on the surface, but it isn't. The school is not managed well and the staff is extremely biased. The teachers and administration don't look into any reports of bullying and just ignore it. While they pay no attention to the mental health of students they also don't care about grades. There is a reason that the school has one of the lowest regents scores in the state. Even though they have complaints about teachers they don't do anything about it. Don't consider Madison it isn't a good school.
My experience at Madison was interesting. The teachers are fantastic. There are some opportunities, such as dual credit classes. However, opportunities aren't well advertised and one has to personally seek them. For instance, Colgate University offers local students the opportunity to take classes on campus, but due to the lack of advertisement at Madison, I am the only student taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity. As for college readiness, Madison doesn't have college prep classes/programs. Dual credit classes are challenging, but incomparable to actual college. Madison has many clicks. I was bullied for my academic focus. I am graduating a year early and my classmates are not supportive. Many students are poor mannered and immature. However, this isn't unique to Madison, just amplified because of its small size. Promotion of academics is increasing, shifting the focus from sports. Overall, Madison has its faults, but there are some amazing people.
I wouldn’t recommend moving here from elsewhere. People are not welcoming at all. Most of the people have been here for generations and seem to have a general distrust and lack of interest in people from outside of the little town. Very poor communication between school and parents. No PTA, but there is a sad excuse for a PTO with ignorant and self serving locals on it. There is no diversity other than ages of people. We sold our house and moved out of state but when we were there and our kids went to school there we hated it. I would suggest looking in nearby Hamilton or Clinton if you’re moving to the area. They are more welcoming to new people and have much better run and more professional people involved with their schools.
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At Madison, I enjoy our involvement in the arts as well as our agricultural and FFA programs, however, Madison has left me at a slight disadvantage because of the struggles to make and maintain a good math department.
I like how our little school is so close and always comes together when ever some one is in need. We always make sure the high school is helping out in the elementary. I would change the college/life readiness skills. Because our school doesn't provide enough of those.
There are many clubs in the Madison Central School District. Students have so many opportunities available to be involved in the community. The center of our community is our school so activities receive a lot of support.
The school is unique because it is a small close knit family. I would choose Madison all over again because I love the support our students receive from our community. I also love the amount of opportunities that the school offers. I believe students get opportunities that they would not have in other schools.
I believe that our teachers do an adequate job of helping our students. I believe some teachers are too personal and it creates an unfair grading practice has come about.
The teachers dont understand that they have to dedicate time OUTSIDE of school to these clubs. They try to cramp things into small periods and it doesnt work.
The gym needs to be more available for students after school. Also gym is not as good as it could be.
There arent very many options. And the food is usually cold
I haven't graduated yet but i don't really feel like I was prepared for the real world as much as I should be.
There is room for improvement. More classes could be offered and study halls could be lengthened. Also the availability of technology for students is low which is very inconvenient.
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