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After attending MCHS for a total of 4 years, this year being my last as part of the graduating class of 2020, I’ve been able to see the pros and cons that come with the school’s environment.
MCHS has a welcoming environment, dedicated staff, and a very open relationship with students. Diversity is rich, meaning anybody and everybody from all different types of schools are brought together to socialize and interact.
The staff members are quick to work and function as well as ensure that a student feels welcome, safe, and secure in their learning environment. Teachers sit down with students and are willing to give students extra time to learn if needed and are very expressive about listening to students if they’re to ever vocalize their concerns.
Madison Central has had its negative moments but, overall, the school has a welcoming community of students and teachers alike.
I am a senior at Madison Central High School. The past 4 years have treated me very well despite the covid-19 outbreak. I am thankful for the teachers that I've had and have over the years, they have taught me so many things. I have been fortunate enough to be on the football team for all 4 years and tennis for 1. Some of the changes that I liked seeing over the years was how the school became strict. My freshman year, there were so many fights at the school and most of them were from my class but over the years, the number of fights decreased significantly. One of the things that I like about the school is how much they care about our education. Even with the outbreak this Spring, the teachers have been trying so hard to get us the content we need especially for the AP classes. The amount of effort given by the teachers and the staff are amazing and I am thankful for that. I can't speak for other students but I have personally enjoyed the past 3 and a half years at the school.
I enjoyed my teachers and the opportunities it gave me. Unfortunately, I had trouble with some staff and I, at times, felt alone. Schoo spirit was evident all around me but it also felt like I was just a prisoner. I felt like I was a hassle to some staff and that I wasn't good enough to be cared about. There was favoritism.
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Madison Central is a huge high school, because of this we have a lot of good advanced education teachers, however there’s a tendency for the teachers who have students who could care less about school, to also not care about teaching anymore. This creates a really noticeable division in the school’s demographic. Furthermore, it is hard for the authorities to regulate anything so there is a lot of drug use, though I feel safe in my school overall. In the end, I feel like I’m getting a good education, but I’m only part of a small lucky lot of people who are marked as priority because we got A’s in middle school and decided to join “Cohort” which is just a sticker that goes on your degree if you pass 8 AP exams throughout your high school career.
I like the diversity at Madison Central High School. There are some teachers that will make sure the students succeed.
I have enjoyed my time at Madison Central. I felt that most of my teacher really wanted their students to succeed in life. I feel that Madison Central needs to have two permanent resource officers for the safety of the students and staff instead of one. ( We sometimes have two, but not all the time.) I also feel that a new high school needs to be built in order to decrease the student to teacher ratio so students are able to learn more. The freshman class was the largest incoming class the school has ever had.
I love how the school has a diversity of teachers. These teachers can help in many different ways, not only about class work but they will give you answers regarding life. I’d like to see the amount of kids that go here decrease, there are just a lot of kids here.
The overall school quality was divided- if you weren't in Pre-AP or AP the classes became a joke where most of the time people were interrupting classes or the content taught was so low level that basically just doing the work and showing up was enough for an A. Most of the teachers were just 'doing their job' and trying to go the curriculum as fast as possible, but there were some very standout teachers that I will remember for the rest of my life. Lucianne Junker(Latin), Benjamin Osborne (European history), Peter Edwards (Art), Mr. Bingham(English II) were the teachers I can say that actually made me interested and more knowledgeable in those subjects that they taught.
It's alright, but if someone was to ask me about it; I would tell them that about half of the school is just a bunch of drug-heads.
The school has its fair share of amazing teachers who are willing to help students and go above and beyond to make sure students are successful. Its flaws lie in the fact that the school remains overcrowded, some policies are poorly planned and the guidance counselors never seem to be around.
It was a cool experience I loved to come in everyday. I went to one of the best schools in Mississippi. I played football and was very social person . It was a very smart school. It was a amazing place to grow and learn new things not just learning. Great school would come back.
Great AP program with lots of different class opportunities! The school focuses more on sports than education which is a downside.
Most teachers are very nice and considerate with grading, lots of bonus opportunities. The administration is not very interactive with the students. It is a very crowded school with 2,000+ students, getting through the hallways with only 5 minutes in between classes is almost impossible and you definitely do not have time to stop at your locker or use the restrooms. The lunch food is okay but you do not get enough time to eat. By the time you go through the lunch line and find a seat you only get about 10 minutes and you can not take your food out of the lunchroom.
I was a student at Madison Central High School for the past four years. The school has around 2,000 students and the building is smaller than it should be. Personally, I think that the school district needs another school to further improve the high school experience for each individual student in the Madison County School system. At Madison Central, there is a program for highly accomplished students called the Advanced Scholars Academy. Through this program students can be immersed into a rigorous education. Madison Central has excellent teachers in the math department, but average teachers across other departments.
I love Madison Central. There is a wonderful community in the school that is inclusive and supportive. The administration and teachers support you in almost everything you do. With tons of different clubs, there is something for everyone to be part of. Our sports and our academics are amazing and top of the line.
Madison central is a great hight school. The teachers here care about you and your future and make sure that they help you with everything you need.
Great opportunities in regards to classes such as AP level classes and dual credit. I would like to see it worked in regards to things such as heating and air, in some classrooms it is out and hasn't been fixed.
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Madison Central is a great high school for someone looking for a school where you can find help planning for your future. There are many teachers at Central that will help any good student with planning for their future. Though the resources and facilities are sub-par, the teachers try their best to help you achieve your goals. The Best part of central though is their band program. This program includes three concert bands, a percussion ensemble, the largest marching band in Kentucky history, a jazz band, and several chamber ensembles and all parts of this program are highly ranked and well decorated despite lack of funding. Throughout my high school experience the band program and many of the teachers have helped me grow and chart my path for the future.
There are many great people to meet, the school is also filled with many teachers who will go out of there way and take their free time to tutor a student in any subject they are struggling in. The school is a very safe environment, and it does a great job of keeping kids out of trouble. The extracurricular activities are always a blast as well. The students have so much fun while keeping appropriate at the same time. One thing they could do a lot better though, is have more teachers teach AP classes, which would allow more students to take the classes they want.
Madison Central’s advanced academic training and engineering and robotics training has provided my children above and beyond what they needed to be successful in their college academic experience
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