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Madison Central High School is one of the most most magnificent schools that a high school student, such as myself, should attend. Not only is Madison Central full of talented and gifted students but it has a numerous amount of caring teachers and faculty members who are willing to wake up hours before punching the clock at work or maybe even staying after school to help their students and sometimes students of other teachers. In my deepest and honest opinion, Madison Central should be ranked as the number one school in the great state of Mississippi. While attending Madison Central, my grades have been tremendously high and my ACT score is very well! Without Madison Central, who will we be? Or better yet , who will we become? “GO JAGS!”
My experience at Madison Central was awesome. The Teachers was helpful and understanding and didn't mind helping us out in other areas as needed. Eventhough, the school held 1500 plus student, we were family. The counselor was there when we needed them as well as the Principals and Assistant Principals. And of course we had the best sports program. Out school was the best in Basketball,football, track, Tennis, baseball and volleyball. We accumulated so many awards and trophies throughout the years. Our slogan is " Rumble in the Jungle." We are The Mighty Mighty Jaguars simply put. We are the best.
MC is a very good high school! I am heavily involved in the arts here, and while I wish our theatre program was competitive, it is not the fault of the teachers. I wish there was more funding in the arts, but most of our absurd funding for sports is from outside help.
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I really like this school because it is a safe school and have different types of clubs and your able to participate in many different activities during the school year. there are many different ways to get involve at school by been in clubs or sports. the part that i love the must is my band class even though we spend a lot of hours practicing we also enjoy the class, we have fun sometimes and we would do parties in a student house on holidays.
My experience at this school was overall very good. The teachers are experienced and most of them will do the most to make sure you succeed and get to where you want to be, and they will check up on you if your grades are not up to par. The school is huge and contains about 2,000 students, and even then, you feel like you have a group of faculty members who care about you. They devote time and effort into each student, and will help you even if you do not want to be helped.
As a student of Madison Central, I have experienced many things. My school has diversity and many different clubs to be involved in. This school also has a variety of courses a student can take to further educated themselves.
Great school! There is always something exciting going on from athletics to community service. Rated a 'A' school in an 'A' school district. Great learning environment with excellent teachers, counselors, and administrators.
My school has prepared me for college and life beyond college. The courses are rigorous, but the teachers still care about your success. Everyone that walks in the doors in the morning wants to be the best at what they do, and this really shows. I am proud to say I go to MCHS, and my parents moved to Madison for that very reason. Education is important and as competitive as the job market is these days, a student needs every resource to prepare them for what comes next. Madison Central does this and more. They care and they are passionate about education and each students success and well-being
I have been going to Madison Central HighSchool for the past three years. I've loved the experience I have had throughout these years and the memories I have made. Since sophomore year, I have had great teachers, made lots of friends, and joined several clubs.
I like the sense of family at Madison Central High School. The teachers there really want you to succeed. They stay after school and sometimes come to work early in order to help you with your school work. The sports teams are great and the students have great school spirit especially during football game season. The cafeteria has options of food for every type of eater which allows you to find something that you would like to eat on each day of the school year. I don't like the fact that average students do not get recognized for their grades. Only students who do exceedingly well on exams get honored.
Madison Central is a great school in a wonderful community. Students of all race and ethnic backgrounds work together cooperatively in all areas including the arts, athletics, and academically.
I would like to see more mentoring done by high school students. Even though high school seniors are involved in a mentoring program on an elementary level, middle schoolers could also use that encouragement from upper class men to make transitions easier for them as they move forward.
I enjoyed it for the most part. Everyone there is polite and friendly, the teachers were very helpful and rarely ever vague about what they expected from assignment to assignment. The only thing that I wish they had more of was group and club opportunity variations. While they did have a selection of clubs, most of them were standard school clubs rather then student ran clubs. I feel like encouraging that would help. Overall the prep rallies were always electrifying, football games were enjoyable, they had a great connection to outside companies and the city for sponsorship. I can say that I am proud to graduate as a Madison Central Jaguar.
I absolutely have loved my experience at Madison Central. I have gained more confidence than I ever thought possible. Nothing compares to this school.
There are many activities available for student involvement. If you have a student with special needs, this school may not be the best choice. If you have a student that doesn’t really need anything beyond what a typical high school would offer, this is a good school. There is a good selection of AP courses and many wonderful teachers.
I't be cool if they could put some windows in the classrooms here and there. This school is literally draining.
I attended Madison county schools my entire life, and they were all amazing. It was always very easy to get involved. I would like to see the teachers get more involved with their students, in that they need to be aware of what may be going on in their students' lives to be able to truly prepare them for what is ahead.
Madison Central is a high school that houses only 10th-12th-grade students, as our 9th-grade students have their own individual school before attending high school. I believe that my high school provided an incredible learning environment for not only me but all of the other students. At Madison Central, we have such a large variety of courses at various levels of rigor, from remedial learning to college credit classes. It allows its students to follow whatever course track they deem fit, without being too constricting. We also have several academies within our high school, such as the Engineering Academy or the Academy of Multimedia Communications, that allows the students enrolled in this academy to take all classes geared towards their strengths. Madison Central is one of the best, if not the best, academic high schools in the state of Mississippi, but is also one of the best athletic and extracurricular high schools in the southern region.
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I enjoy all of the wonderful teachers and administrators. It offers a wide variety of AP classes and ACT Prep classes which really help for college.
Throughout my years attending Madison Central Highschool, I can say that I've had an overall good experience. The school offers a wide range of courses you can take along with the several different clubs that are available. Most of the teachers are friendly and open-minded with unique teaching styles and are sure to bring out the best within each student. College Readiness is usually a strong point as well and every student should feel like they're prepared by the end of their high school years. Speaking of the students, you will find that MCHS has a moderately diverse population that consists of individuals from all walks of life. So, in other words, no one feels like the odd one out. Now the food could be better quality wise, but they do offer a wide array of choices to compensate for that. All in Madison Central is a great school and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great school to attend.
No matter any students background, everyone is equal in the administrators eyes. The safety-ness is very excellent. The staff pushes students to limits they never knew they had. Teachers challenge students to academic measures they never thought they could succeed in.
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