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I enjoyed going to school here, my classmates were nice and welcoming. The teachers especially were amazing. It was only 50-minute classes for six blocks, which was enough time for the teachers to go through with their lesson plan.
My school is a small built school in a close rooted community. Everyone knows everyone, but to be expected with 40 kids per class. With a small school you gain a lot of support from peers and faculty and developers close bonds. However, money is tight and the less kids you have in a school the harder it is to form sport teams and clubs
Madison is a great school with good academic and teachers. They have a lot of clubs and activities for student involvement. The food is not that great but other than that my experience at Madison Area Memorial High School has been good
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Madison Area Memorial High School is great! Teachers are open and approachable and would do anything to see you succeed. The town is small so everyone knows everyone. While sometimes being small is a disadvantage, it most definitely is not for Madison.
While some of the staff like Drew "Moses aka Mo" Slempkes cared about us, most of the teacher such as David Lynch just drank during school. There were some crazy people such as the notorious "Chirs-man" and the wolfman. The wolfman is crazy with the ladies and once took 7 girls to homecoming and showed them all his shadow. The JMM cross country team was really good lead by varsity stalwarts Liam Higgins, "Big Mike", "Sneaky Pete" and Gerry "The Machine" Vaughn. The team was bound to win state, alas Jared "Chicken" Gonzales who was a promise let the team down by getting last place at the sectional race. This lead his dear cousin Ray to fall into homelessnes and fall into a quary. If you want clout in the school hit up future rapper/break dancer Brandon "Noizy-B" Garcia. He cleaned up his own TP job in the school bathroom. Lastly, shoutout to that man Bill Richardson, he really cares about his athletes (enough to shave his beloved beard for them).
- OG Buisch
The teachers here are excellent; they are extremely personable and willing to help whether that help revolves inside the classroom or beyond. The guidance counselor is a great help. He balances quite a lot around the school and is the go-to guy for everything. I would say that the school is a bit under resourced for a couple of reasons though. I think that the school would benefit from having a language teacher, rather than having to learn a foreign language online. Overall though, I have enjoyed my time at Madison. The staff here are extremely flexible and understanding, and the learning environment here is exemplar.
Great math and history departments. Teachers care about you and help you if you're stuck. Good athletics, especially swimming and basketball. Could do more to close the achievement gap between whites and minorities.
Madison High-School is overall not a bad school. Every school as their advantages and their disadvantages, this school is small which provided for great teacher-student interaction. I would not have changed to any other school due to it being a small enough school with enough possibility. The teachers, most of them are great and they continue to improve each year.
I liked the sports culture that Madison Memorial has within the school. It is almost like a college atmosphere before a sporting event. I would like to see change in terms of the facilities. The classrooms are too small and the bathrooms are very dirty.
I have always gone to school at Madison Area Memorial Highschool and for the most part, I have enjoyed it. One thing that I dislike about this school is that students can only have six classes instead of eight. This limits us on what classes we can take. Aside from this, everything else is good. The teachers are involved and bullying is not a large problem.
My overall experience at Madison High School has been a struggle. I have lost two of my greatest supporters, my grandparents. I really love the staff at Madison, because they were ALL compassionate and worked with me to get my work done before the quarter ended. My favorite time of the year is homecoming week because we all dress up and get very rowdy! The teachers even get involved, it is by far the best week of school. Our school is participating in a School Spirit Challenge, we are having a Spirit Challenge Assembly on October 7, 2016, which will be live on channel 13. We are hosting a food drive, and raising money for a food cupboard. If I had to do school all over again, I would do it at Madison. We have a great community of staff members and we also have great fun days where we can play games and have a barbecue. Madison has a great schooling system!
At Madison Area Memorial High School, the teachers provide us students with all of their knowledge and try their hardest to teach us. Whether it be doing a short presentation, or doing hands on activities, they are always trying new teaching methods to ensure our knowledge in their field of study. Our teachers are available more than any other school that I know of. They come in early, and stay after just to provide us with any help that we may need. Some of our teachers get our tests or quizzes graded before we leave the classroom, but others straggle along until the end of the quarter. Our teachers are great influences and always try their best to make sure we succeed.
The students in this school sometimes try to have fun activities planned and try to get other students involved in things. It's a small school and everybody knows everybody, so that could be a good or a bad thing. I'm not sure if I would choose this school if I could do it all over again. I have had bad experiences at this school and I've had great ones. I most likely would choose this school if I could start over, but I would definitely think about it very carefully.
Most of the teachers go above and beyond to help students out with stuff inside and out of class. Some are also very consistent with grading homework and talking to students. I feel that there are some teachers who don't really have an interest in students besides trying to teach them and help them but most of the teachers here do truly care about their students.
When I went to school, other than sports, there really wasn't much to do after school.
For the most part parents were involved.
The teachers had an okay quality. Not the best, but they cared for their students when I went there.
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Because it's a small school, there are not many teachers, which gives few options for electives. There is often drama between students, as well as issues between sports teams. Few people want to get involved. Not many teachers seem to show a genuine care for students, but those who do make a difference. Last year that was a large improvement in teacher and student effort for more school spirit and awareness of issues. However, many students did not want to participate or even mocked ideas.
The classrooms, textbooks, etc. are all is good condition. The school provides many opportunities for students to further their understanding of topics reviewing in class. My guidance counselor is the best in the state. He is a man who is all about his students and devotes much of his time to his students and has a personal leveled relationship with each student. He makes everything happen for the students at school and provides many resources for the students. Parents are always involved in thing that the school needs to get done and always support the students and the faculty. Technology is great and very efficient. Overall the school, attitudes of teaches and faculty is great and unlike another school.
There are many advanced academic programs available for those student who want a class where they actually learn and participate in actives with other students who feel the same way, I am one of these students. The workload at Madison is not much, at times it seems to be overbearing but 99% of the time it is manageable even if one has a job or is doing a sport. Many of the teacher offer advanced placement or honor classes which are great. The scheduling is really good and is very manageable.
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