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Teachers take a personal interest in each student. They provide positive feedback as well as constructive conversations for improvement. I wish students were held a little more accountable for personal character traits such as politeness, manners, etc.
The students at the school become some of your closet friends. Some of the teachers are good at what they do. Sometimes this school is one-sided when applying rules towards one gender more than the other, some would say sexist on both sides. This school will sometimes make you unhappy and stress especially when there are all eyes on you at all time because of the dress code, so you'll feel uncomfortable and wonder why they aren't focused on bigger problems. I would only come to this school because of the relationships you will make. I would not really recommend sending your child here if you wanted some good academics, but they will get you where you need to go. If you don't want your child to be overwhelmed over something like dress code as well, don't send your kid here, cause some of the staff (not teachers as much) will be overbearing, other than that it's an okay school.
If you like a lot of academic opportunities Madison has them. However, their teachers lack the ability to teach them properly. Plus, since the school is small the teachers seem overloaded with a lot of classes to teach.
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Madison Academy allowed me to participate in sports such as soccer, cross-country, basketball and gymnastics. I was able to volunteer and serve the homeless population in Nashville, work in Appalachia, Houston and in the Dominican Republic on mission trips. Madison allowed me to be a Seeker, a Scholar and Servant.
I transferred to Madison in my junior year and there wasn't going to be anything aside an act of congress that would get me to like the school. By the time I graduated I did come to appreciate the class sizes and the family like atmosphere. Because it is a Christian based school, the undeniable spiritual tone was present but grounding. I only wished I had been more motivated and taken advantage of more opportunities there.
Madison Academy is full of history, being over 100 years old. Also, it is a school founded in the belief of Christ and serving God. Predominantly conservative white people lead the school's adminstration...but the courses are thorough and preparatory for further education in college/university.
Acros- a very dedicated gymnastics team

Drama club- perform inspirational and religious based skits

Film Club

Choir= sing at churches and travel nationally and internationally

Basketball team
There are security cameras and drills incase of a natural disaster or shooting but when i attended there was no school nurse, or security guard or anything like it. The school is in a very remote area and nothing like that has every happened, but i guess improving security and health measures is still necessary because anything could happen and the school should be prepared.
There were many enjoyable trips and clubs that made enhanced my academic experience. Although the school was ethnically diverse, i wouldn't say the school is diverse overall. In addition to the fact that the school consists of maybe 150 students or less, the students are mostly made of a certain type of income and type of family. The students may be a little less open minded when it comes to real world issues. Those from low income families and Single parent homes are a minority. Although there are programs in place for almost anyone to pay tuition, a student that fits this description could feel out of place at this school, keeping up with trips and other events. Although I had good experiences at this school, I don't think i would choose it again. If i did i wouldn't have attended all four years.
There are maybe two teachers that i had problems with during my time at madison academy. All other teachers are completely invested in the futures of their students. Most of them have a variety of teaching styles to cater to many students.
Throughout my four years at this school every step of the way the teachers were helpful and understanding. When I need someone to help me there were multiple people I could go to. The school also helped me to become more mature with the outreach we did and the class projects that were assigned. These things helped me to learn more then just class room smarts but also about the world around us.
There are tons of options available for every student. You just have to get out there and try one.
the Policies are great and understandable, but as a recently graduated student the uniforms was the policy most of us didn't like. its not the uniform exactly, its just the fact of wearing a uniform and not being able to truly dress modestly like we want.
All the teachers were willing to help me figure out where was good for me and all I had to do was ask.
They are highly concerned about being able to teach all 4 types of learning styles that the students fall under. Either the ones that like projects and group assignments, the why askers, the tell us so we can do it (brainy-acts), or the do it on their own students.
Everyone joins together parents, students, and staff to make each and every sporting event the best possible.
Our school is not one open to as many sports as most schools usually have, due to the size of the school consisting of about 100 students total. We have soccer, basket ball, volleyball, and a gymnastics team.
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Dress Code

In the past four years, each year we've had a different dress code. My freshmen year it started off with being able to wear any pants and any collared shirt. Now this year, my senior year, we have specific uniforms that we all weak from a specific store with our school logos on them.
My school is very safe.
We have a very good athletic program. I really enjoy being apart of it.
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