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Madison Academy is a wonderful experience for students! The teachers truly care about each and every student. I recommend this school for anyone wanting a safe educational environment for your child.
I highly recommend Madison Academy to any family. The school is very family oriented and the life lessons and values they instill in their students are amazing. If you are a family looking for a great school look no further!!
Very easily remote and virtual. Teacher are very caring and want the best for every student. Teachers help courage success and inspire students to be the best they can be.
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Madison Academy offered me a great opportunity to come together with other Christians like me and explore the value in learning and coming closer to God. The fact that Madison Academy is a private school helped me gain a closer relationship with my teachers and receive one on one help that has benefitted me greatly.
My experience at Madison Academy was pretty good. The teachers are very involved with your success but always care about your personal life and how you are truly doing. They are always more than happy to help you if you are having trouble with any work even if thats not the class they teach. Madison Academy also has many opportunities to help in the community and also around the world.
What I love about Madison academy is the teachers. They are loving and willing to help. What I would like to see change is the interaction during lessons.
We have three children that have attended Madison Academy for the past six years. It has been a wonderful experience for them and our entire family. They have had the opportunity to thrive in an environment that has grown them in academics, arts, athletics, and their spiritual journey. Dr. Davis and the entire faculty love and care about our children as if they are their own. I highly recommend MA to any family looking for a holistic environment for their children!
Madison Academy is just like a family. I really have enjoyed my time here because the teachers truly do want their students to succeed in both their grades, and life in general. I was told about this scholarship website via multiple teachers in my school. The school lunch is the number one aspect that could greatly be improved at Madison academy, but other than that, I would not want to attend any other schools. I am a senior in high school and my first year at MA was junior year. I moved from a different private school in the area and can honestly state that doing so was one of the best choices I have made in life.
If shielding your kid is a priority rather than rigorous academics, I get sending them here. Otherwise, it's a poor choice. I was ill-prepared for college, and there was almost no variety in courses to choose from.
I have been attending Madison Academy for 13 years and have experienced a great amount of care and support in this community. Not only are the academics excellent, the environment and faculty give me more of an opportunity to grow and get out of my comfort zone. They push me to be my best in every aspect fo life such as, academics, social skills, and my faith walk.
As a private institution, it could use more help in being able to provide resources to students that do not fit the "ideal student example." If someone falls behind, it can be hard for them to catch up.
Teachers are top notch. Administration very caring and involved in every day student life. I love going to school here. I look forward to everyday because of my teachers.
Madison academy has an amazing elementary and middle school, but in high school the education is terrible
Madison Academy offers a good quantity of electives, however some may fill quickly while others may be omitted due to lack of interest. Educators are always available to assist. Athletics are competitive and good quantity for a private school.
This school has problems with abuse of power, child abuse, etc. I will not be sending my child to this school again due to the poor management and horrible administration.
Madison is a very welcoming and challenging school. It succeeds in academics and sports. The only thing is that, as a small private school, there are not as many opportunities offered here as to other schools.
I attended MA my junior and senior year and absolutely loved every minute of it. The family oriented atmosphere is unreal and the Christian environment is unmatched. The staff and students are great at welcoming new students and making them feel welcomed. It was an awesome opportunity to attend this school.
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The sports facilities are outstanding. Honor level courses are adequate but the average courses are weak. Not enough attention paid to preparing students for college. Fine arts are improving--great chorus, drama and band teachers.
Madison Academy is like any other school. The personal relationships the students get to have with their teachers is unreal, and it shapes the attitude in the classrooms. On the other hand, the academic aspect of the school is not that of other surrounding schools in the area. Many courses students wish to take are not offered for various reasons. Also, your voice at Madison Academy is not heard unless you are in a specific cliche within the school.
My experience was not as suspected. The students were very polite nice, unlike students at public school. Some of the teachers cared about their students and made sure that they understood the curriculum. The food was a little betterthan the year before, but still not great.
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