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Madison Academy - High School Reviews

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Some teachers are caring & some school events are fun . Some teacher will also help you even after you leave Madison and make sure your going down a good path. The dress code isn’t very strict and is not hard to follow. Class periods shortened and passing time increased was the best thing Madison decided. Classes are easy to get by and some assignments are fun and enjoyable while doing. Some years were better than others and great memories were made within my 3.5 years going to Madison academy . My sophomore year was the best and most enjoyable, i really enjoyed Madison
Pros: It's not a big school, so just about everyone knows you.
Long lasting friendships/students
Kind and friendly Staff
Highly diverse; everyone is different, whether it be looks or personality
Alumni always visits

Cons: Lacks interesting after school activities (although are improving)
Small building (THis can be a pro to some)
Not well known "Its by atherton"
The sports is competitive , and the band is great.
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It was overwhelming at time!
I can tell my teachers really care for me and want me to be the best I can Be.
Everybody is pretty much in good shape.
We don't have a lot of activities that we can participate in.
My overall experience was ok. I did what I was suppose to and I participated in the things that was interesting to me.
The school doesn't have lots of things that students can work with. I know our teachers try it's just I feel I can lead a lot more somewhere else but it's a good school.
You get really close to the faculty, staff, and students. However, it was not at all challenging. There are no ap classes, except online. You really can't even get help from other teachers when doing various online work. Sure, it was, at times, a fun environment. Education is something that's important. The better you get, the more it will help you out later. And I didn't get the push and challenge I needed to excel.
Academics here are not advanced enough. Colleges want us to be college ready, but how can we when here we don't even have high advanced classes. Which also explains why so many people here receive such low grades on their ACT.
Lunches here are very bland. There is not a huge variety of health foods at all. Yes, they give us healthy lunches, but the size and portion of the lunch is terrible.
Administration here are very unorganized and make my parents pretty upset because they always announce things last minute or the day of. Also, administration don't seem to have very good control over the students who fight and bully all of the time. Favoritism among certain students also seems to be very prominent between administration and certain students which is unfair. Attendance is a very big issue here. So many students just do not understand the importance of attending school and showing up on time. Absences and tardy's are a frequent thing. Dress code is very strict also which most of the students here hate, but we have no control over it.
In my opinion, Madison does not offer the right resources/classes to prepare a student for college level courses/ learning. Then you have some parents who care very much so about their son/daughter's education and then you have the parent who could seriously care less which is why their son/daughter is failing and acting uncivilized in a school/classroom environment.
The teachers are amazing and make wonderful relationships with the students, but the academics are very poor quality. The classes are not very advanced and barely prepares us for college level classes. Most of the students here are care free and very uncivilized also. If I could choose a school all over again, I would definitely not choose Madison Academy.
The students who do participate in Madison Academy's athletic program are very dedicated and play well. The only problem is is that they don't offer a wide enough range of sports and when they do finally get a certain sport in the school the students here never want to come to the game to support their school. Team spirit here barely even exists like other regular schools. It's pretty pathetic.
Madison Academy is a small school with students who are not the most brightest or friendliest to others. A lot of drama, bullying, and fighting always seems to breakout or happen here. There also seems to be quite a bit of racial prejudice and discrimination between the blacks and whites.
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The teachers here at Madison are pretty amazing! They are what make school here somewhat pleasant for us students. They teach well, it is just the curriculum is not well advanced to our grade level, in my opinion.
Madison Academy is a very unorganized school. Bullying is very prominent and the atmosphere is not very pleasant to be around. It is much like a prison camp. Also, cleanliness is not practiced very well here and it is quite disgusting and people seem to get sick frequently.
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