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Madison Academy - Elementary School Reviews

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Building could use some help... It smells..
The food is.. Sometimes good.. But not super good
Most of the teachers are amazing.
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This school is like a family you see them more then some of your actual family and most people are accepted and our funny. People have their own friend groups at lunch but in the class room it's a very friendly environment.
The teachers are very likable in my opinion very good staffed. They are funny and flexible with work and are nice.
Don't have much, Band,Choir,basketball and baseball
Madison Academy is very decent.It is taken care of at its best. It is clear that there's not much money for them to get things done or to do things such as other schools would. Its Decent, things are getting better though and school and student count is expanding which shows they are doing something well.
The Academics here at Madison Academy is decent. Very different from the school I transferred from but its decent. I do believe Academics, classes and teaching was much better i would say two years ago than now. But they do, do their best to bring you into success for your future.
The food is horrible here, just terrible. bring your own lunch everyday.
The principal took the time to get to know each one of the students as she walked the halls and greeted us and the parents during Parent Teacher Conferences. My counselor helped me as they sent out my transcripts in a timely manner. The school has always had a dress code where we wore uniforms and they enforced it. But, on some Friday's or special days we were able to wear jeans.
The academics in the school was good. Each teacher offered different teaching skills to encourage me in my studies. The scheduling of the six classes each semester made the workload challenging at times. Homework was given out with deadlines. The popular class was my college prep course because it helped me to prepare for college.
The small classroom learning experience has been great. I had an opportunity to be a part of various sports such as basketball and baseball. In addition, the teachers encouraged me to expand in my favorite subjects like math and writing. Madison Academy has been the best choice for me. I would recommend it to my friends.
The number of after school activities has expanded over the years. They have offered basketball, baseball, photography and tutoring that has benefited my experiences at Madison. The after school tutoring sessions were quite helpful to me in order to become a better student. The school spirit week was also enjoyable when we got the chance to wear fun clothes like pajamas and baseball caps to class.
All of my teachers were well prepared and encouraging at each level. The teachers took a specific interest in the students. My math teacher, Mr. Kelley was one of the best instructors for he took the time to invest in each student. I also enjoyed my English classes and the different subjects that were offered.
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