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Madison Academic Magnet High School Reviews

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Madison provides me with some of the best years of my life. They encourage students to be involved in the arts and learn as much as humanly possible.
Diversity and Academically challenging, really prepares you for college. The teachers really care.
The environment at Madison is somewhat challenging, classes won't take things easy. This however allows for a better opportunity to learn and feel accomplished when graduating.
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It’s a great place to go. We focus on studying but at the same time we know how to have fun. There’s always a challenge and it’s a great experience.
Madison Academic High school is a prestigious school that only has the top students in Jackson Tn. We have rigorous courses that challenges the students and prepare you for college. Although the school is lacking diversity in teachers, it really is a great school.
The environment of Madison Academic continuously pushed me to become a better version of myself each day. Although projects and tests can be frustrating, my teachers and friends are always there. The teachers at Madison are absolutely amazing.
I loved how every person can find their people. Even though the school is small, it is very diverse and open to all people groups.
Honestly, this school is such a welcoming place! there are so many opportunities for students here. Although, the building is actually so disgusting and falling apart. Despite that, its a great education and most definitely prepares you for college!
I absolutely adore my high school! Many people don’t enjoy the heavy work load, but if you come prepared to work, it’s really not that bad. Our cafeteria food, just like every other public school in the area, is disgusting. Our building is old, so it makes sense for us to keep needing to replace the panels in the roof. We do have a hallway that always seems to flood when it rains. We are getting a new building soon, though! If you want to receive the best public education in the Madison County area, I recommend you check out Madison Academic.
Great faculty and students, very little drama unless you want it. Current building is quite old, but hopefully new building will be finished by the time you attend. Very academic focused, but the sport teams aren’t that bad.
Madison Academic Magnet High School is perfect for the student whose goal is to continue onto a university. The students have a rigorous high school schedule and the teachers make sure the students are college ready. The students also have many clubs, athletic, and music/arts opportunities to participate in if they wish. The students that choose to enroll in this high school are held to high academic standards.
Really prepares you for college! The teachers are all really kind and teach your to apply yourself in every aspect. Really pushes one to work hard. The fine art departments are excellent as well as all the various clubs you can join. Definitely recommend the school!
I enjoy Madison Academic because of the opportunities I have been gifted by attending the school. They completely prepare you for college with their academic courses, which challenge the student to go further beyond their limits
My high school experience at Madison Academic was amazing. It prepared me for college and gave me many opportunities to further my education.
Madison Academic high school is the top public school in the JMCSS school district. The major issue is the building itself is falling apart and is not the safest of buildings to be in. The teachers are mainly good and the administration actually knows students personally and the care.
I liked the fact that madison gets us ready for college, and the teachers have high expectations from us. However, whenever we don't meet those expectations, the teachers try their best to help us and get us back on track.
Madison Academic is a great school to go to to be prepared for college and to challenge yourself. All students find their niche and enjoy themselves. However the building is horrible. I may have terrible health problems later in life due to the building, but if you can get past that it's a great school.
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Going to Madison Academic for 4 years straight has both its up and its down, to say the least. The school is advised to be the most challenging in the area that I grew up in, however I personally do not believe "challenging" and "absolutely insane" are synonymous. Little did I know as a freshman the work load that was ahead of me. On top of that, due to the competitive nature, it was difficult to find friends and figure out who I am. It wasn't until I was a senior I was able to find people who were accepting of who I was and I trusted. Academically, it wasn't too terrible. The teachers were generally well educators, however lacked in sympathy towards students and disregarded the notion that students, outside of school, actually had lives. So as I had to balance keeping a job, a social life, and any extracurricular activities, it was very exhausting to live to 5+ hours of homework daily. I, however, persevered--believing that this hard work would pay off in college.
Madison was such a welcoming place for me. The teachers genuinely care about the welfare of their students and go out of their way to ensure their kids succeed
Madison Academic has an excellent college prep curriculum with opportunities for student to excel in academics and sports.
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