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Madison #1 Elementary School Reviews

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I loved going to this school. I was able to maintain good grades while participating in numerous after school activities. I loved how the teachers treated you and you were never singled out. I loved that school.
I didn't have any problems with the way the school was but I also didn't love it
I played in sports almost all my four years while attending this school. Everything was alright, I just believed that they could've done a better job
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They were really good at their jobs. Some I will never forget, some I hope I never see again in my life.
When I went here, I noticed that everyone just stayed within their own groups. I am Native American and I only hung out with my fellow Native Americans. Everyone stayed with who they fitted with, no one really went outside their circles. I only hung out with a couple of Hispanics and that was it.
I was always involved with sports, but I noticed that I was the only one. No one in our school really did any clubs or organizations, they were just trying to get by.
She always helped us out to the best of her abilities. She rarely turned students away, she always tried to make us feel better
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