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Madill High School was a rather average but amazing school. They helped with the ACT and provided help with college. I would like to see more activities open for students who are placed in random classes.
Madill High school is a great learning environment. The teachers are wonderful, the atmosphere is great, and the quality of learning is unmatchable. I have had a great experience there and I highly recommend this high school for anybody who loves a balanced life with education and free time.
Madill High School is OKAY. There are only 3 AP classes and they aren't the greatest. There are a few good teachers, but not that many. Overall the school is not good but not bad.
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My experience at Madill High School has been for the most part enjoyable. There are friendly people. Teachers and administrators are very positive in helping students reach their goals.
A lot of the staff is amazing though, since it's an Oklahoma school, we're severely lacking in teachers with the right qualifications.
My experience at Madill High School is one that I will forever remember. From all the friends I made, to all the teachers that impacted my life. Even though I graduated in 2014 I still remember my high school career as if it were yesterday. I believe that our education and experience of school is what helps one to determine if they want to continue their education or not. With that being said Madill High School made my High School career one that inspired me to not only continue my education, but to also become a teacher myself.
They make you feel welcomed and like you’re going somewhere. I would like to see the students dedication become more. See everybody become more involved.
Many teachers have taught me more than lessons
Some teachers are very supportive while others do what they have to, to get by. The grading is getting a lot better now that they stay on top of them to get the grades entered weekly. Most teachers are knowledgeable in their field.
Our Band program has a new instructor and he is really building the program. The school sports get a lot of administrative support but there are not a lot of clubs that I know of.
We have a bullying hotline that can be anonymous so that is nice so you don't have to worry about people finding out who you are. I feel real safe at our school but I know they have policies in place in case we have incidents on campus. We do not have a school nurse but we can always get information by going to the counselor or to the office.
There are many school activitys such as soccer track etc. but there is also speech and band and also student council which is an alternative for students that arnt huge fans of sports.
I've never wanted to go to another school if that says anything. Madill is the best school in my opinion from having an exquisite school staff to having excellent school sports which is not what many students can say about their school. That is why I am gateful to go to school at Madill high school.
Madill High School is the school I've been going to for four years and I can honestly say that the teachers here are one of the best in my opinion, they care about the students that attend school here. Anytime I was struggling they were always here to help and that's what I love about Madill schools.
I would choose this school again because everyone knows each other.
I love our school spirit! Our sports might not be great right now, but our spirit is great. Our teachers want us to succeed, they are very loving. The kids at Madill High are very out going and very diverse.
Lots of support for athletic children
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several outstanding ingredients teachers and a few that make it obvious they don't like kids
There used to be a police officer on groundshipping all day. It felt safer then.
All schools need some kind of type of updating of their facilities. The counselors and teachers are helpful when the students

ask for help. if you don't ask you won't get help.
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