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I thought the school was good. They always said that it was great. Now that I'm in high school I realize they didn't teach us enough and that well. All other kids in my school know mostly everything. Other former students have agreed with me. They didn't teach that well. They always trashed other schools.
What I liked about this school was that you need to wear a uniform. Many would prefer not to wear a uniform but, in my opinion, it is better that way. You don't have to worry about what to wear every day, just wear the same ting everyday.
I graduated two years ago and I couldn't be prouder to announce that I went to Madero Middle School. Madero is known for it's amazing JROTC program which often competes against high schools. The teachers are obviously enthusiastic about the subjects they teach and give it their all to ensure that a student understands the curriculum. Madero also features the IB program which enforces a tougher curriculum and encourages deep thinking. The school is always clean and students are expected the follow the uniform policy, behave and represent the school with pride. Disrespectful or vulgar behavior is not tolerated, so you don't have to worry about any "questionable" kids. I myself didn't know about gangs, drugs, or popular slang until after I began high school which says a lot for a school in a location with gang violence. I couldn't recommend Madero Middle School enough.
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Some of the teachers are okay, but most of them favor certain students, giving the other ones less attention and care.
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