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Throughout my four years of high school, my most memorable experience at this school would be having supportive, good teachers, and counselors help me get through the day. My overall experience with the lunch was terrible, I haven't enjoyed the lunch or breakfast since my freshman year. But, my overall experience would be four because it doesn't meet the expectations of a five. the athletics were not good, the sources given to us through the school were not good. I was planning to take AP Chemistry and they ended up getting rid of the course my senior year, so I wasn't able to. The club advising communication was below standard and the fact that we had two lunches made it even more difficult for students to join or have the opportunity of being in a club.
Overall, I like the school and campus as well as the sports but I don't think it offers enough AP courses. A lot of students are disrespectful and for me, it's been a school that I'm sometimes afraid to go to because I'm scared of what people might say of me. I feel as if some teachers genuinely love their job but some also don't. The whole admin tries their best but sometimes their best isn't what's best for everyone. Also, the funding for certain activities isn't properly distributed.
My experience at Madera South School was great, the campus is beautiful. The culture atmosphere is quiet good, the students attending there is nice, according yo my point of view. The teachers are really kinds and supportive , they sometimes devote their time to help others, while others don't. Overall my experience wasn't bad.
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Madera south high school is a average high school. Some teachers are just there for a pay check while others are happy to teach.
From my experience, this school is very welcoming of people from different walks of life. The staff tries their very best to get students involved, and they do a very good job at it. The students, especially upperclassmen, are very helpful to younger students attending. There is a whole lot of diversity here at this school. There is a place for everyone here. The only downside, I guess you could say, is that the sports here at South are not too great. I am an athlete, and I feel that the coach's involvement in some sports aren't the best. Other than that though, this school is very welcoming and it would be a great fit for those who feel like there is no one who understands them. At this school, everyone is cared about, and there are those who WILL understand you.
I like how involved I could be in school. There were many engaging extracurricular activities with great staff.
This school is by far the greatest high school in all of Madera. The teachers are really supportive and some of the councilors are beyond amazing. This school site is inclusive and the diversity is there! Students are what make this school Community one of a kind.
Madera is a discrete town in the heart of California. My school, Madera South South High School, is full of students with amazing attitudes and unique personalities. The teachers and administration here at South go above and beyond in order to see us succeed and improve out community as well as better ourselves. The students here are very respectful, optimistic, and encouraging towards one another. Even though our school in the beautiful town of madera may be small, we have the biggest hearts and spirit of any other school.
Attending Madera South High School for the past 3 years has been fun, engaging and challenging. There are many clubs to choose from, they all offer many opportunities to expand your knowledge, get more involved in the community and your future career goal. The teachers are very dedicated and do their best to help the students to further understand and grasp the concepts being taught. I've been involved in many clubs, 10 clubs in school and 2 organizations out of school, I've been a participant and winner in academic competitions for HOSA, FBLA and Academic Decathlon, I've also been able to travel to Florida for HOSA competitions as a sophomore. The advanced classes I take, AP and D.E classes, are helpful in giving me a taste of how college courses will be a big shift from high school classes. My experience with Madera South High School has helped me get better prepared for college and my future career goal of a being a neuroscientist.
I had a great experience attending Madera South High School. I was the first class to graduate from MSHS. I was present to see all the new construction process of the new buildings that were added to the school campus. It was an experience for myself.
Would not change my experience here for anything. Created so many memories, made amazing life long friends, and learned from great teachers. Being invloved really helps!!
My high school experience was quite average it wasn't terrible or super great. Very few teachers cared about their students and were welcoming. And majority of the staff were not very kind or helpful. Most of the securities were rude and would harass you which was not a good experience. There was also a large amount of bullying, fights, and etc. on campus and not a lot was done to prevent it. The resources were very limited and instead of hearing us out as a student but pressure us instead of what they believe fits us instead of encouraging us on what we want to do.
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I would like for students to get together and become smarter together. I feel like as if students and teachers got to know each other more then the students would academically succeed more inside of the classroom.
Madera south high school gave me a life full of amazing teachers, staff, and classmates. I had the chance to move and go to a different school, due to being in a house hold with a single father school begin to feel more life home than home itsself. I appreciate the school that fed me when their was no home food avaliable. I thank the school that gave me the oppurtiniuty to meet amazing friends. The school that gave me the elements to learn and grow.
This school is very positive. The staff and faculty work endlessly in order to provide the most amount of students with the most amount of opportunities. Everyone here truly wants the student to succeed.
Madera south high is finding a way to get more involved in the community and they dont judge their students for who they want to be they support them. Although they need to get more family and staff involved in the school I van say they are making a change every year.
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Madera South High I feel has been a great overall experience, from knowing the teachers and students having and making those connections is almost essential to truly understand the school culture and spirit. The academics for me have been good, there are a variety of path ways that actually carter to very popular paths of career choices; since it is high school there is the fair share of hard points. In the end I made the most with extra curricular activities and sport events that made the year a blast.
I like the immense amount of school spirt, and all of the fun activity. A lot of the staff is really supportive and helpful. Despite the school being rather large I feel at home with my class mates. However I wish the school wasn’t so crowded and over packed.
I went to Madera South High school back in 2011. I loved going to my high school and now I currently work at Madera south. I have seen many changes since I graduated. I would like to see better food for the students and more college readiness.
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