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For a school that is located in a predominantly low-income community, this high school makes it their first priority to elevate student's current situation so that they may be prepared for what the future holds. Madera, located in the middle of California, is distant from booming cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles yet the faculty is nowhere far from quality education.
A very great and welcoming environment. Alot of college and career readiness opportunities. The keep a safe and clean campus. Pride in everything accomplishment students have.
Madera High is a great environment. The school spirit is high and everyone takes pride in being a coyote. If you act like you want to be there, you’ll find the resources you need to succeed and the faculty that wants to see you succeed.
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I would like to change are food the food is mostly all the same. All year and people get tired of the same food.
My experience at Madera High School was full of many great memories and fun experiences with wonderful friends. This school is a very great school because they have Pride. They have very amazing staff and the campus overall is very nice.
Madera high is a small school in which you can easily make friends and become close to everyone around you.
I had the pleasure of working at MHS for 4 years and it felt like a home more than a workplace. The science department welcomed me with open arms and I grew so much as an educator. The kids here might not be the best in the central valley and they may not try as hard as you would like them too but they definitely care a lot about themselves and graduating. I have taught at the general ed. level and ap level, where I find the same theme which is students want to be successful. If you have the opportunity to work here, do it.
Madera High School is an excellent school, the MHS staff is very kind, it does not matter what do you need, they will try their best to help you, also the school security is the best one. Thanks to MHS I am a best person.
There are many things that I do like about Madera High, it's a very fun school, there's always many things going on constantly and there's always something interesting to get involved in, for everyone. We have many different clubs for every type of student. If you're interested in science we have a club for that, we have a fashion club, teen parent club, the different grade classes (class of 19, 20, 21, 22) and so many more.
It's a small campus, pretty easy to navigate and get around. The teachers are amazing and most of them are really good at teaching.
I loved Madera High they gave me the best High School Experience. I was able to get involved and have good grades.
My experience at Madera High has been quite a journey but I have learned so much from it. The staff is amazing and always looking for ways to help you improve as a student. The school itself helps promote schools spirit in many different ways the most efficient is the pride paw winners who are being rewarded by teachers for their good conduct. Overall, this school does everything to ensure student safety on campus and making students feel comfortable in school.
It’s one of the greater schools. Enjoy it very much!!! They have a lot to offer. Small campus and everyone knows each other.
Madera High has a lot of resources that any student could take advantage of and they do a very good job at preparing students for their future upcoming.
I like the diversity at my school and the many opportunities that it offers. The councilors at Madera High are wonderful. They have been helping me since freshman year achieve many of my goals.
With my experience at Madera high, I have been mostly disappointed especially when I compare our school with other schools in the district. School work ethic is non existent and most kids have no motivation to do anything. The school food is horrible and dispite how many complaints students and parents send to the district board, nothing changes. There are some good curriculum here in Madera. Their robotics program have some of the best engineers in town and the curriculum definitely prepares you for real life applications. Overall, my school experience has been average to poor.
My experience at Madera high school has been very good so far I have met one of my best friends there as well as many kind students .I also love the teachers there they help you when you ask for it or if they see your grades are dropping .Things I would change about the school would be the litering problem there not major but could be improved . I love our school spirit but there could be more involvement in our rally's and football games .As a senior I would love to see these things improve to make my year better as well for the incoming freshman to come .
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The teachers were very well educated for the most part. The campus is mostly very acceptive of any type of individual regardless of any variables. The staff, students, and teachers are all wholly invested in teaching and learning.
I got involved with clubs and color guard. It was a really awesome experience. I got to show pride in my school. What I like about Madera high school is that it feels like a second home. What I would like to see change is having more inspirational speakers. It help the students there learn that they are never alone.
My experience at Madera Hogh school was great! The teachers and staff were very friendly and helpful. I had no teachers who rejected a raised hand to ask a question. One think I would change is to get students more involved in activities hosted.
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