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My experience at Madelia High School was an okay one but it definitely made me who I am. Being one of the few minorities in a predominantly white school shaped me into who I am today. I learned the hard way that I had to stand up for myself when needed and I’m okay with that. I’m happy with my experience.
I love how close the school community is. At Madelia, we are a family.I wish we had access to more classes and resources to prepare for post secondary education, but I understand how hard that can be in a small school. I think Madelia has had a positive impact on my high school career.
The only thing that I do not like about my school is that it is so small. It is a small town so there are not that many people here. I like that we have a lot of school activities that we can all do together. The teachers are fairly nice and want us to succeed. I would like our school to have better school lunches. we don't have very good or tasteful food. All in all my school is a pretty good place to get an education.
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The school really does enforce most policies, and controls the students pretty well. There is a reasonable dress code that they enforce, and other policies regarding cellphones, visitors, and other items. Our office staff are very kind and very helpful to the student body. There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding bullying, and honestly I never really see any bullying.
Personally, in the past years I have attended Madelia most teachers have seemed to genuinely care about us and the classes have been relatively easy. As long as you get your work done and you try, you'll do fine. Our best teachers would be in the math and english department, which are both very important for our future educations.
As a small rural town, I think Madelia has a pretty good sports program for its size. We may not be the most spirited spectators, but the gym is always full during a boys basketball game. All our sports teams draw a pretty good crowd, and there are usually signs decorating the gym for our teams. We have an Ironman training program, and students use the weight room before and after school.
Every day lunch is served by the usual three lunch ladies, who we all know by name. Our lunch ladies try to give us meals with variety, and the head lunch lady Gina is always giving us new mixes of salads and such. She tries to give us some variety. There is one main dish and a few side dishes, usually involving fruit and salads. The main dish is almost always a meat option, and sometimes fish.
Madelia is a small town with a small town feel. Everyone knows everyone, and the teachers definitely are there for you. They're encouraging and most students know the teachers pretty well. The class sizes are small, as the school is about 270 students. Being in several sports and band or choir is quite manageable.
The building is definitely outdated. There are yellow tile on the walls and some hallways have different colored floors. Our staff and administrators are excellent, despite the physical appearance of the school. They stay after school is over, offer tutoring sessions, help with applications, give recommendations. Someone is always around to help with something.
We have an awful fan support and student involvement and our teams are sub-par. We have no school spirit and no fitness programs.
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