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They only liked me for sports. I cant wait to leave. if you black here they dont treat you with respect unless you play sports. sometimes people kiss up to you to show they not racists. but they is.
Madeira High School definitely offers a wide range of challenging academic classes that help prepare all of its students for college. The teachers care a lot about their students, and are always working with students to make sure they all know the material. The community is very supportive, and students are always willing to offer help to their peers.
Madeira High School is a great place for kids to learn. It's a very excepting school where there is almost no bullying at all, which in my opinion is impressive. They have amazing academics as well as teachers. There are many different clubs and sports that students are able to join. Madeira offers college classes as well and tries to prepare students for the real world to the best of their ability. No matter what "social group" you are in, I believe that everyone finds their friends and a lot of them stay friends for life. Madeira helps you grow in more ways than one. They make you take responsibility for your actions, but also help you to grow and become stronger and smarter.
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I love many things about my school. It is a small school in a very small town, but it's a school that prioritizes education. They not only prepare you for college academically but in all aspects of a person. The emphasize other things like community service, extracurriculars, and more. It's a very nice facility with many clubs and other opportunities. Overall, the culture and everything about this school is something that needs to shout-out.
I feel incredibly well prepared for college due to the amazing teachers at Madeira High School. I feel valued by the staff and I know they always have my best interests in mind.
The teachers are great and very supportive. They try to get you involved in clubs and the community. The teachers are always looking for ways to help you, and if you ever need help, they are always there to talk to you and help you. The only downside to the school is the small size.
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They have a really good way of making things individualized for each student and making you feel as if you are important to them. All teachers take time out of their day to help all students.
I attended MHS from 2003 to 2007 and can say that the quality of the education is excellent here. Yes there are teachers that I liked more so than others, but the teaching I received prepared me very well for college. When I went through a rough patch during my sophomore year, staff was willing to work with me to get through it. My only gripe about Madeira is the lack of diversity. There was scandal a few years prior to me attending MHS that involved racial slurs aimed at the then-French teacher. Some mild bullying exists there and could be better addressed by the school.
Madeira High School is Fantastic!!! The teachers are wonderful and make sure that you are ready to go to college. Sporting events are super fun to go to as well. Madeira High is great!
Madeira is one of the best places to go for a good education. The teachers here are all very devoted to helping their students learn and provide us with lots of opportunities in and out of the school building to expand our knowledge. The biggest negative about Madeira, however, is that there is little diversity. As an upper-middle class community, most people come from very similar backgrounds and all look about the same. I wish I had more exposure to other cultures and had more diversity during my high school career.
Madeira High School encouraged students to strive for greatness. Provided with many tools and resources, students at Madeira are able to find ways to be the best person they can be. Through sports, clubs, and the people I met, I was able to figure out who I'm supposed to be and am currently creating plans that will let me be both successful and happy when I am older.
Madeira High School offers an excellent education to all types of students. I wish, however, that Madeira would help students prepare better to get into college in terms of strength of application and resume.
MHS is an exceptional school with incredible teachers that really push you to succeed. It is evident that every teacher is there because they want to be, and they put great time into not only their lesson plans, but also the students. Every teacher is willing to spend extra time with students in order to ensure they comprehend the material. If I could change anything, it would be some administrative details like backpack policy and superfluous assemblies.
Madeira is located in southeastern Ohio in a small community neighbored by larger communities and school systems. Most kids who live in Madeira also attend Madeira High school - but some go to Moeller or other catholic schools.
I loved going to Madeira High School. It was a small school with great teachers who always put in the time to help all students. I loved the small class sizes and friendly environment. I wouldn't change anything.
I've had a wonderful experience as a student at Madeira High School. The teachers are fantastic and the students are kind. We are Madeira Strong and proud of our small school. We are very inclusive and supportive of each other. We come to school each day and do not have to worry about our safety or being bullied. Everyone has something they are involved in whether it is our awesome school marching band, choir, athletics, academic team, or chess club. There are opportunities for all students to connect with one another as well as with a teacher. Everyone knows your name, even the superintendent knows the names of the students and attends all of our events.
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Madeira is a very nice school. I have attended on and off since pre-school and have enjoyed my experience with all of the staff there - they truly make an effort to ensure success for their students and it shows in their rankings. The school is very social and very involved in sports, cliques are a thing but it's not frowned upon to mingle amongst several. I mainly left because of social aspects, but that is something beyond Madeira's control. Academically, I found teachers were always willing to stay and help me with things that I did not understand and never made me feel bad about being left behind.
Great academics. Great teachers. However, to be truly involved you need to play a sport. It's culture is favorable for few.
Great teachers provide students with a plethora of Ap classes to better them for college. The school has a small town atompshere for students to be social. The school staff keeps students focused and on task.
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