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I would like to see bullying in my school change. Although it will always be everywhere you go, administrators can prevent as much as they can. The people here are mostly rude, especially the younger children. The teachers are very nice and always understand, that is the only positive from my experience.
It is a very small school so everyone knows everyone. The upside about that is that it is easy to be able to play a sport you want to play but downside is that there aren't that many sports available. And it is also easy to be able to be apart of an organization like Upward Bound because there aren't that many kids so it isn't that competitive.
The teachers are always willing to help you and support you in any issue you may have. They make school seem like a safe place.
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From what I hear about schools of other friends of mine; mine seems pretty great. We has such a great school spirit and pride. Our students take a lot of pride in our sports. Our school does so much for our sports teams to make sure they are always doing their best. Our students also come together in events such as Winter Carnival and Project Grad. We are all proud of each other in Winter Carnival even when it doesn't seem like it. Of course our school isn't perfect, but in my eyes it really isn't as bad as people make it out to seem. We always have some bumps in the road, but no school is always perfect all the time. We always get through everything as a community.
It was a good learning experience with good teachers and great overall safety. The college prep was great they really made applying for college a breeze. We do not have a lot of clubs or sports here which is disappointing but at least we learned a lot of important skills.
Madawaska High School is a very small school, leaving little room for diversity, extra resources, and after-school activities. Most classes were chosen for us from a core curriculum so we were not able to explore topics of interest before choosing a college major. However, the facilities were very safe and teachers (for the most part) were always willing to help.
A very nice community with strong teaching ethics and a fun atmosphere. With spunky faculty and parent involvement, Madawaska Middle/High School has been a beneficial school to attend to, offering strong college readiness and preparations.
Variety of academic subjects. Good teachers. AP classes available. Safety orientated. Variety of sports and clubs to join.
Everyone is incredible nice and approuchable
All the teachers help you and want you to succeed.
There isn't too much variety for clubs. There simply usually isn't enough money in the budget for clubs or just lack of interest from students and the administration isn't quite prevalent. The clubs that are at this school have been around for a long time.
Personally, I've had a great time at this school. My happiness definitely depends on how my teachers and peers respect me and how well I'm doing, grade-wise. Because I've always cared about my grades and never got into trouble, I've had a pleasant time. I would attend this school again if I could do it all over once again.
The majority of the teachers are very willing to help a student if they show that they are willing to put in the work needed. Some of the teachers are easier to get to know as you get older because they'll start to respect you more. Around your senior year, they start to teach you about techniques and practices you'll need to further your life whether that's you're going to higher education or out into the work force.
There is not alot of after school activities but there is always at least one sport that is going on. Many people lately have been getting in trouble with law enforcement doing illegal things because there is nothing to do after school.
I really like this school because there is not "too many students". Everyone knows everyone and one of my favorite experiences is Winter Carnival, even though there is plenty of drama and competition between the grades.
When you go see some teachers for help, they don't help you half of the time. There has been plenty of questions I have asked during class and never got them answered. There has been whole lessons I have had to teach myself over night because I did not understand and did not get help.
The health and safety of this school is alright compared to others. There are no health hazardous that I currently know of, yet the school is not exactly as I say, Pristine.
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Due to budgets cuts there are not too much extracurricular activities but the ones provided are of reason.
The overall experience is pretty great. I go to school here and do my own thing. I am not disturbed by anything around me which helps with my education. The teachers know how to stay on topic and keep the knowledge flowing.
The teachers are not too bad. They teach us what Is right to keep us going on into college.
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