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Maconaquah High School Reviews

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The teachers and staff who are employed at Maconaquah creates the best environment for students and other individuals. Without the staff and teachers, Maconaquah wouldn't be the school it is. Because of the staff, Maconaquah is a great school to attend.
Great school to get an education! Very simple education but provides with the necessary education to get students to their goals.
I have been a Maconaquah Student since Kindergarten. I am amazed by the support system that they have instilled within the school. The only thing that I wish they would improve is being able to support more extracurriculars for the students to participate in. I also wish that there would be more diversity within my school.
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I had a great experience at Maconaquah High School. I was a football manager for three years, a tech tribe member, and a member of the National Honor Society. I took dual credit courses and learned a lot of information. The teachers here care about the students and their teachers. I have a teacher and she is like a mother to everyone because she cares a great deal about each and every one of our futures. The teachers and staff take the time to get to know their students and try their best to ensure that the students are ready for whatever life brings them.
I like all of the technology we have at Maconaquah, I just wish it was taken advantage of more often and used in the classroom more. We have the opportunity to use it, so why don't we?
I just transferred to Maconaquah. The staff was wonderful and they help me all the time. The students are nice and friendly and the sports coaches push you to the next level, motivate and help the team become a family how looks after each other. Even when I had an injury they incouraged me to take a break and they are now still helping me to come back and play with the team.
Personally, I love going to Maconaquah. The academics are fantastic. The teachers strive to make you better and hold you accountable. The teachers there are also so friendly and welcoming to upcoming and incoming students. The sports program has been amazing the last few years and I’m super happy with the athletic directors. They make it so easy to find and talk about college sports. The environment is very nice along with the students there. Although, I would enjoy more student based things outside of sports, like clubs and family nights.
Maconaquah is a very open school and they try their best to open up to every student. The school opened up free games to every sporting event and the guidance counselors are always there to support you and have your back. It is also a very nice environment and can handle bullying quite well.
I like Maconaquah because we all have school spirit and make every game fun to go to. I also like the dual credit classes they offer. ACP biology definitely prepared me for college-level courses.
The teachers cared if the students did. However, it was very obvious that students involved in athletics or teacher's children got special treatment.
I really love the relationships that are able to be built with students and teachers. I would change the way the classes are ran.
I love how the staff cares about you. They all try their best to see you succeed and happy! The teachers help very much with trying to get you to keep good grades. Maconaquah helped me become a better and a successful person! The only thing I would like to see change is to have more lunch tables.
High school wasn't a fun time for me, but my teachers made it worth it! They made me feel accepted and like I always could go to them for anything. Some of the teachers I now give my thanks to, because they made me want to go to school every day.
I would like to see better involvement of students. Students who have faculty recommendation are picked from a select pool of “popular” students. There are students who have potential but are never seen, and is not the fault of the student.
Not enough guidance from the teachers. Students are given assignments and expected to teach themselves via our lab top.
Not many electives to choose from.
Has a great art program with a top notch teacher.
Maconaquah School is a excellent school to learn and make the most of your education throughout every grade. I love all the staff and teachers who help support and encourage students!
At Maconaquah the teachers really care. They try to help you with your problems, especially your schoolwork. The school is also 1 to 1 which means that for every student at the there is at least one electronic device. This allows for many unique opportunities only available at this school, such as our eLearning days. These days where students learn from home are implemented on days that would normally be a snow day.
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I’d change the dress code to make it less discrimating to girls. The teachers are nice and for the most part they’re fare.
Maconaquah High School offers several college classes that are meant to prepare students for college. The classes are difficult, but I believe they are beneficial because they prepare me for college courses. Also, the teachers are good with communication with students through email when there are questions or concerns. However, the material used is sometimes out of date or unfair to students. This is because some tests are over material we did not learn during the course. Therefore, I think teachers need to make sure they review the material that will be on the tests.
They have help me when I needed help, if I ask. Most of the teachers make it easier to understand what they are saying.
We have a 25 minute student resource time to work on school work and weekly grade checks.
I especially enjoy the balanced calendar. It's nice to have nine weeks of school and then two weeks off.
I refuse to drink from the water fountains because the water taste and looks disgusting.
The week of homecoming, we have dress-up days, a homecoming parade, a pep rally, and a door decorating competition. Throughout the week, each grade competes for the spirit stick. The grade that shows the most spirit at the pep rally and has the most students participate in the dress up days wins the spirit stick. The door decorating done during SRT. Each grade has one class win the door decorating contest. The SRT that wins gets a reward.
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