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Macon has a very poor student support system. There are few teachers that truly get involved in improving the student's lives. Sports are prized over academics, even though that is poor as well. There have been numerous cases of bullies that went without punishment and enough fights to last my entire academic career. At one point, there were four different math teachers for one subject in one year.
I believe it was an alright school during my time there. The teachers and staff were quite memorable and I miss most of them dearly. The school is big and is growing, so the future of it will most likely be one of great prosperity. The lunches were adequate, unlike what most students there will probably tell you.
I have been a student at Macon Senior high school for four years now and overall, I have had a very good experience. The teaching staff does a great job at making a connection with the students. The athletics program at this school is very good and they also have a top notch band program. The administration also does a very good job at connecting with the student body which makes for a better learning atmosphere in my opinion. The facilities are dated but improvements are being done and it is starting to really look great.
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Macon Senior High school has some great faculty who are accepting and very kind, but the rest of the faculty needs to improve to be like those teachers. The fine art programs are wonderful but need a little more funding. The food and classrooms are about average but all the programs need to be equally evaluated.
My Highschool is very welcoming. Being in a small town you get to know not just the school but the community around it. Macon Senior Highschool has a variety of sports, clubs and activities throughout the school. I love being a Macon Tiger!
Macon Senior High School is one of the larger schools in our rural area of Missouri. Like any other schools, it has its ups and downs. The education I received has been preparing me quite well for college as most of the classes I have taken are Dual Credit and can be transferred over. The facility is decent, but the administration is subpar. Many of the "higher-ups" prioritize sports over academics. One thing that Macon Senior High School does well is their implementation of safety. This year, a new pick-up system was established to keep mainly the elementary students safe from potential kidnappers or shooters. I believe that extra courses over basic skills that are needed for scholarship application, college application, and money saving should be taught to juniors or seniors. Overall, my experience at Macon Senior High School was alright.
Macon high school prepared me more for college than any other school I’ve seen. It has magnificent teachers but the facilities are rather old and the food is below average.
the school read a nice variety of classes.
teachers were not always easy to follow or would not make the effort to teach a topic in another way if students struggled.
Cafeteria, menu, variety, and value are all about average. Nothing special, no real problems.
Administrators care about their students and how they discipline shows this, they are involved and try to help a change happen for the better.
Love the sports opportunities in this school! Football, softball, baseball, track, cheerleading, wrestling (younger), etc. Lots to do!
Throughout the years the teaching staff has gotten a lot better. There were a lot of turn over with younger teachers but it seems now most teachers start and stay in Macon for quite a while.
When most students start an extracurricular, they stay with it throughout their school "careers". There is a little bit of a "who ya know" problem in Macon and "keeping up with the Jones" problem as well.
General education courses didn't prepare me for college or the real-world however the business classes in the career center did.
I feel like the food is getting worse. The school is trying to make it healthier but it is to the point where nobody wants to eat it. Not only that but the portions are getting smaller and it is costing more for these portions. I feel like the variety is lacking and we don't have "snacks".
Most of them picked favorites of the students. These students had the right last name and money. They let them cheat and gave them the highest grades.
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I do not feel prepared for college classes at all.
Bullying was ignored, and a lot of the time I did not feel safe. The only security measure I noticed was that a police officer roamed the whole school, including elementary and middle. The nurse was great and could handle most things. I think the school is ok.
I graduated not knowing how to be an adult. However, I sure knew how to use the Quadratic Formula. I don't really know how to balance my checkbook or do things like that. I also did not have good study habits instilled in me.
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