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Macon Road Baptist School Reviews

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I love the Christian atmosphere and Smaller classes. The teachers are caring. They want to make sure you are college ready.
I love my school because the class sizes are smaller than regular public schools so I am able to learn much better.
On jahseh onfroy the football program use to be good, then they ran off the high school coach and now there isn’t even a varsity team... other than that pretty decent school and spotlight uh moonlight
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The athletics program is on the rise! They have a great mix of experience and young talent in their coaching staffs that have really got the kids motivated!
It is the best school my child has ever been to thank to all the teachers and the friendly students there
Great caring people. Phenomenal coaching staff! Football and baseball on the rise, new food service is A plus!
Having gone to this school since I was a little child. I willl say that my eduucouldnt have been in better hands. Not only was was the learning environment just shy of perfect, the social aspect of the school was friendly and caring as well. The staff of macron road baptist school truly care for your success and progression into the real world and all time success as a person. They truly have prepared me and will continue to prepare students for whatever the world has to throw at them
Could be a very good school if ran differently. The discipline issues are getting better, but still lacking. There needs to be more ACT preparation. Teachers should be more engaging in the classroom.
I loved this school and especially the Christian atmosphere. The academics and the teachers prepare you for college so there’s nothing to worry about.
The small private school scene can be very misleading. At macon Road, Teachers are very hands on with their students. The teachers actually care if a student passes or fails. By the time a student will graduate, they’ll miss their teachers just like i do.
More diversity, more homework, and make things harder, challenge students more. More friendships, including people in activities, better sports, more activities.
Very happy with the Christian education my child has gotten from Macon Road. I am amazed at the family atmosphere and that she isn’t just a student but they know her by name. The fact that she could read a whole book by they end of Kindergarten and was baptized that same year made me one happy parent. It’s all because of the love and commitment from the teachers at MRBS.
Macon Road Baptist has improved greatly over the years. Although administration has slacked off over the years and there is not as much structure as needed, they still work very hard and do everything in their power to help the students. The teachers invest in you and help you so you will succeed in their class and later on in life. The facilities are so much nicer and we continue to grow in size. Now, we use iPads for all of our classes and it is so much easier and helpful. However, even though I love my senior year in high school, I have been attending Macon Road since K3 and I am ready for change.
My experience has been wonderful. I have attended here since Pre-K3 and love every minute. It is a great place to go to school. I feel I have learned a lot and am ready for college.
I have been at Macon Road since 5th grade and I have grown to love it. The rules use to be a pain but as I have gotten older I understand why they exist. The teachers here really do love you and want to see you succeed. The only downside is the food, but thankfully I go to school to learn, not to eat
I have been enrolled in this school since K5. I have met so many friends and built relationships that will last even after graduation. The teachers here genuily care about you and want what's best for you. You can tell that the teachers love you. The curriculum they use pushes students to logically think through their work. The students are excepting of new students. I honestly could not imagine going to any other school and I plan on enrolling my future children at Macon Road one day. Highly recommend in all aspects.
Macon Road is a small Baptist school off of Highway 64 just outside of the Lakeland/Arlington area. The school's greatest strength and greatest weakness are one in the same: it is very small. This provides something like a family atmosphere among the students and parents, everyone involved refers to themselves as the "Macon Road Family." Multiple times the entire school family has rallied around a person/family in need, which was incredible to be a part of. Everyone knows everyone and it's hard to feel out of the loop. The problem with this, however, is that the school has practically no money for improvements yet too little space for its burgeoning student population. Macon Road cannot afford to offer anything resembling a varied class schedule, even in upper high school. Only a few AP classes are offered, and the other classes use Abeka curriculum, which is so horrible I could write a few paragraphs on it alone. Suffice to say that it is overtly religious and conservative, insisting that no true Christian could believe in evolution or even climate change. It also blames all of America's problems on Democrats/secularists (it assumes they are both the same) and subscribes to a Christian nationalist view of the United States. The Abeka literature courses avoid most of the works commonly read in high school because they are viewed as "inappropriate for a Christian audience." If the school would simply abandon Abeka, its students would be so much more ready for college. On another note, the athletics are among the best in Macon Road's TACS league (a group of similar fundamentalist Christian schools in Tennessee), and the student body is very involved in sports. Clubs are almost nonexistent, but the number of events the school sponsors (such as Fall and Winter Retreats) more than makes up for that. Macon Road is probably a great school for a certain type of person, but I would think carefully before sending my kids there.
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My school is small but constantly growing. The facilities we use are new but limited. The technology we use, for dissections and such, is new and top notch. The only real problem is that it is lacking in college prep courses.
The academics offered at my school include general classes and a few AP classes. There is not much variety in classes to pick from. The curriculum itself is very good, in my opinion. I feel my school lacks college pre courses which I feel would be very beneficial for the students.
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