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I love Macon County High and if I could change one thing it would be line of communication. Communication is everything between the teachers and the parents.
More resources for the students. And for the teachers to be more passionate about their job. That way school want be so boring and the students would be more involved.
Macon County High School has an excellent community that works well with the schools. Of course, you have good and bad faculty and staff. For the most part, I think our faculty and staff are pretty good and loves helping the students in any way that they can. If they can get better with preparing students with college, then that would be good. I feel that they should have more college classes offered to the students and partnerships with colleges near the school. If they do that, the school will be better than it is now. Students will have a better outlook on college and also college credits that they will not have to take once they enter school.
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My experience at Macon County has had its bumps and even a couple of bruises but I know if they had the right people to guide the staff and etc it'll be great and therefore the up coming classes will too!
It was a great school when i attended but now i see that the academic achievement has decline as well as the supportive staff and teachers.
The academics offered are good in my opinion. I think it could be even better if students were able to choose classes from a broad group and not just the basics.
Most people tend to hang in their own little groups.
Bullying is unacceptable at this school. We look out for everyone, this school is one big family.
Fbla, and Ffa are the top two organizations that's full at our school. These are great organizations because it gets you ready for college.
I would do it all over again because i really love my school. It's not the best looking school but it's filled with positive people.
The teachers here are wonderful, they go beyond for us. They stay after school each day for us. I can honestly say the teachers here care about our grades.
We need to aprove on these things.
This school ensures that its students are safe.
I have fun and it's good to be involved.
After progams help students better
I am not sure if I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because I think this school limits my opportunities. On the other hand, it gives me the chance to go to a small school, where the principal knows you by name and not because of getting in trouble all the time but because there aren't many students that go here.
Some parents are invovled and care about their childern education.
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Teacher want everone to do their best at all times.
I think the teachers at my school wants what is best for the students that attend and really wants everyone to succeed in life.
My school is amazing but there are some things I think we could be better at. My principal Ricky Edmond gives great leadership and helps us by mentoring interacting with us students
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