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I liked the lay out for the most part. The teachers were all pretty great. However, our county requires a larger amount of credits to graduate. I think that requiring fewer credits and focusing on the actual academic information would be nicer. I feel like we could learn more.
I don't really like much about the high school i attend. The things I did were some of the teachers and the friends I made. Some of my favorite teacher are Mr. Sircy and Mr. Coffee. They were both science teachers. I also meet my three beat friends in high school.
It's a pretty decent school. It is like every other school. Of course it has its pros and cons. There's a good amount of students there. In this small town it all maters about what your last name is! Defeintly not the best school!
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I like the overall hometown togetherness of the place. It is the perfect combination of small enough to know about everyone to large enough to have good opportunities.
I love my high school. I have made some awesome memories during high school. If I could change perts of my school, however, I would change the dress code to fingertip length shorts. As a female, it is very hard to find shorts that go all the way down to your knees unless you shop in the men's section. Overall, most of my grievances with Macon County High School are just small inconveniences that I understand are for our wellbeing in the long run.
Macon County is a smaller rural school district. It is a good match for me, similar to the colleges I am looking at. Being small, we may lack a few things in the way of school amenities, but the teachers and counselors do a great job of getting us ready for college. I like the teachers being able to know everyone in school.
Macon County High School is an ok school in my opinion. There are always good and bad teachers, but overall it is going along great. It is best to be involved in whatever you can. Overall though, the school is mostly about sports and some arts. They have, FCCLA, FBLA(which I am in), FCA, FFA, Interact club, Yearbook club, Service Learning, Leo club, Theater club, Debate Team, Student Council( which I am in also in), Beta club, and TLC. They also have, Student dual credit classes(SDC), and Dual Credit(DC) for students that need extra credits for college. Last, but not least, we have TCAT in Hartsville, or as we call it Vocational. It is where students get out of normal classes(math, science, english, history) to get better at their career field, such as Auto maintenance and light repair, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Machine Technology, Mechatronics, Nursing Education, Residential/Commerical Construction, and Welding.
Macon County High School overall is a great school. However, what I would really like to see change would be the food.
I have enjoyed my time so far at MCHS because of all the great people in the student body and the many great faculty and staff that are always willing to help you.
Macon County High School is a very elite school. We take pride in our students and staff. We give out prizes to students who participate and do good services. We also do fun activities to raise money. For example we do painted parking spaces to raise money for our seniors to take to college. Macon County High School is overall an absolutely extraordinary school.
Macon County High School has a great environment for students. The student population is very involved in student academics and extracurricular activities. The size of the town contributes to allowing the high school to be a comforting place to students who are developing as young adults. the only thing that would benefit the high school would be a more up to date educational experience.
Macon County High School is a small high school compared to others, but it has given me many great experiences. The faculty and staff associate with the students and help with anything that's in the way between education and a child.
I loved how I was able to become very close with manhy of my teachers, and I loved that I was able to make lifetime friends. I would like the students to have more freedom.
I loved that the faculty and staff were as close to the students as possible, however unfortunately they show favoritism. I am not one they show favoritism toward so therefore that is a downfall to me.
MCHS is not as bad as some make it sound. However, there are a few things that could be changed. For example, the school lunch. The food could be a lot better. Another thing is that it prepares students for college fairly poorly. The expectations are very low compared to expectations for college. The clubs and activities throughout the school is great though! There is always something going on, and that makes School a little more enjoyable! Teachers are nice, and helpful. All in all, there could be improvements, but it's not too bad as some believe.
I think this school did not prepare me for college at all. The teachers base their opinions of the students on who their parents are or their income which is not fair. I think I learned more about how not to act then how to accomplish things in my future here. There were a few teachers that was great but other than that I think it all needs to change.
Macon county high school is a good school in with a lot of standards, but it lacks diversity with the majority of students being white and from an agricultural background, and security is not to great. For example, many of the doors do not lock, and the agriculture portables are outside. There are many times where I go outside, and we are encountered with strangers driving that could easily run over us
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Macon County High School, in my opinion is great for a public school. They've definitely tried to help make us as a whole student body get involved in the community and be college and career ready. The school has "ACT Ready" and it helps get students prepared and equip them with skills for the test. They've definitely made it an enjoyable environment with Pep rallies for sports and to recognize academic achievements. We've currently been given the opportunity to paint our parking spots, I have definitely enjoyed this as a senior because I've bonded, helped and talked to my fellow classmates that I've strayed away from in the last 4 years. Most of the teachers are amazing and you know they're legitimately there for you when needed! MCHS is definitely shaping up to be a top public school in the state. I definitely know I'm prepared going into the real world after MCHS.
There's different classes that're very popular as well as teachers. Science and math oriented classes are especially very great and wonderfully taught.
The communication at this school is wonderful. Everyone is accepted and there is not much peer pressure, everyone does their own thing.
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