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Macon Early College provides me with a special opportunity to attend both Highschool and work towards completing college classes before graduation. With the school's faculty doing everything they can to get you ready for college by graduating with your AA or AS degree, they plan your classes accordingly.
I loved the opportunity for a head start that Macon Early College Awarded me. I was able to get a few collage classes completed before I graduates High school, lad that made a huge impact on my financial status. I would like to see the students adapted to normal social life rather than strictly academics. Unfortunately, with such a rigorous schedule it doesn't allow the students to be normal high school students with sports and things of that nature.
I liked that I got my AA degree at the same time that I got my high school diploma. It helped me to get ahead in college. This school also helped me to understand how college was going to be.
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This school is amazing. My four years here have flown by. The teachers care about student success more than any other institution I have attended.
Good school that prepares student for college success, and focuses on college success along with motivating students to accomplish their goals.
I had a great time at Macon Early College. The class sizes were small and I feel it made me more comfortable asking questions and participating. The teachers were also very helpful and wanted us to succeed and they did everything to help us do so. I would recommend Macon Early College to anyone who is looking for more one on one time with their teachers and wants a good education.
There is acceptance of all kinds here
Its a very safe school
There is many clubs and extracurricular activities
I made new friends and everyone was above friendly
MEC is a small school with only six teachers -- but each and every one of them is completely dedicated to his or her work. They are perhaps the best teachers I have ever had, all of them very caring, compassionate, knowledgeable of their subjects, and approachable.
The lack of funding is at fault for the lack of safety measures. I love my school, but the county spends far more money on the local high school and overlooks the safety of MEC students in the process. The students at MEC are good, however, and there have never been safety problems with them; but in the event of a "foreigner" coming in, say, with a gun, we would be completely caught off guard. It's a little unsettling.
Macon Early College is the only school for me. It's unique in the way that there are so few students, and because of that, MEC is like a huge family. There are no cliques; no one is ever left out. The fact that the school is so focused on academics has prepared me above and beyond for college. If I had not attended MEC, I would be lost and far less prepared for university.
The teachers at MEC are extremely knowledgeable and engaging. Although several of the teachers I had in my first two years have moved on and I haven't had classes with the newer teachers, I know that they are great additions to MEC and clearly see that the students love them.
This school is honestly the best school I have ever attended. The students and staff are extremely nice and everyone is always willing to lend a hand.
Macon Early College allowed me to earn an Associate of Arts degree for free while in high school.
They do not have a school nurse or police services.
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