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Macomb High School is a great size and has a great community surrounding it. The athletics and classes are subpar but overall the school is pretty nice. Homecoming week is a very fun time of the school year because all the students get involved for a chance to win the spirit stick. There are fun activities and relays every day to participate in. Macomb also offers a wellness day where students can choose which wellness classes they attend.
My experience at Macomb High School was very well spent. Thankfully, I was not bullied there and to my knowledge not much bullying is happening because of the teachers and administrators promoting the effects of bullying and why it should never be done. On top of that, the teachers and administrators are very kind and understanding for each and every student. What I would like to see changed is that more than 50 percent of the students attending are under goverment lunch and I would like to see less than 25 percent of the students be on goverment lunch. To add to that, I would love to see more student involvement throughout the community because it seems as though students do not want to be involved with community service for them wanting to spend their free time on what they would like to do, not what people would like to see them doing.
My overall experience at Macomb High has been fairly good. I have made many amazing friends and become a part of numerous activities. I have a lot of fun at school sporting events. Overall, my teachers have been fairly decent, with a few exceptions.
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Good teachers and a very nice learning atmosphere. Teachers and administration work very hard to promote an atmosphere that allows positive learning in a safe environment.
While it's very small and you have to share some space with the rambunctious Jr High kids, it's a great school. Very diverse, lots of clubs and activities, and a lot of helpful classes. The few complaints that have been made about the school are getting taken care of if not now, in the near future. As time continues Macomb High School can only get better and it was a fun place to grow and spend my teenage years with all my close friends and family. (Also the Jr High part of the building should be getting there own school shortly so that's good too).
Macomb has very good academics and clubs and activities. However, the school is very opinionated on things such as politics, sports, etc. The school is especially unwelcoming if you don’t share the same political opinion as most of the other students and faculty. It’s hard to focus on schoolwork when the administrators focus on preparing for a walkout rather than their students.
I enjoyed the atmosphere between students and teachers. Everyone wanted to see everyone reach their full potential.
The education was better than surrounding schools, but can be improved. Athletics is okay. The faculty and staff were great though.
Most teachers are there for the kids and genuinely want us to learn. Others are there to get paid and it's detrimental to some students.
My experience at Macomb High School so far has been alright. I've taken classes with teachers that range from below average to really good. The school has a strong music program as well as a good sports program. The school is very good in many areas, but other areas leave a lot to be desired.
I think everyone gets along really well together and i have enjoyed my experience at Macomb. One thing i would change about Macomb is teacher discipline, some teachers are disrespectful and don't get punished
The cafeteria food was horrible. Some of the teachers were terrific and some were not good at their job.
I liked the food, didn't get along with many people, the school as a whole is too obsessed with sports and some of the teachers were as ill-mannered as a lot of the students were. But the classes were fairly interesting and it saved me from going crazy at home, so I was fairly glad I had it most of the time.
In my opinion, Macomb High School is a great high school! I have never had an issue or wished I was at a different high school. All the teachers and staff are caring, respectful, and ultimately looking out for the students' well being and educational sucess. I personally think that is very important and I am very grateful that I attend a high school like Macomb High School!
Macomb Senior High School does a great job at preparing children for college. However, the main critique I have is that some of the teachers aren't the best at teaching or providing an understandable approach for the majority of the students. The food provider for the school is also not the best and I don't believe they offer the best nutrients that engaged students need to accurately learn. The administration is absolutely amazing and there is always somebody to help anybody in need. They also have a great relationship with the students and provide a safe environment for students to learn.
Overall, I had a wonderful four years at Macomb. I made many friends while I was there and I made friendships that I hope will last for the rest of my life. I know that I would not have succeeded were it not for the caring teachers. They motivated and encouraged me when I had no desire to finish my schoolwork. There is quite a few diverse classes for it being such a small school, so I truly feel as though I received a well-rounded education. I never worried about my safety being a issue while I was at school and I could always look forward to a friendly smile in the mornings from all of the administration. I hardly ever witnessed any sort of bullying at school, and when I did, someone always spoke up to stop it immediately. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable high school education.
I went to MHS for 3 years. I moved there my sophomore year. It was a great school with great teachers. Lunch options were abundant and there were many sports opportunities for each student. The only thing I didn't like was the schedule. Every class you took, you took every day. I moved there from a block schedule school, which I think is better.
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I have been attending Macomb High since my sophomore year and haven't had a anything but a great experience.
Many of the teachers at Macomb Senior High School were focused on giving the students the best education and life preparation they can, but there were also a few teachers that really don't put in the effort it takes to actually make a difference in lives of students.
I would like to see better school food and freedom among student possibilities.I think that freshman should be able to eat off campus. I also think they should add more foriegn languages to the department such as Italian or German.
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