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Sports are a big deal at Macomb High and many students are involved in one or more, year round. From tennis to volleyball to football, many opportunities to join a team are available.
I am a part of a few clubs including Interact/Rotary and yearbook, student council, and class representatives. Interact allows a group of students choose organizations to help support. For the holiday season we helped collect coats and also held food drives for our local community, and created a 'shoe-box gift' which was sent to someone in need with supplies and fun gifts. It really opens your eyes to the amount of poverty here and around the world and i'm glad to be a part of it. Student council is involved in the whole school not just one grade. I am a member, so i help make decisions on dances and other school related functions. Along with the clubs i am in there is also a wide variety for many students to join, including; math team, scholastic bowl, science clubs, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions), and many, many more.
Bullying is definitely not tolerated at MHS. There is a strict zero tolerance rule to violence, drugs, bullying, etc. Students are made to feel safe, yet under strict authority of what is acceptable in a school zone and what is not. Students are allowed 12 absences before those absences become truant days, which i believe is fair. If four or under days are missed by the end of the year finals for semester two are not required to be taken unless you wish to. Although dress code rules can be a bother, and sometimes actually seem to come off as sexist, they are still in place.
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I believe that although i may not always agree with the required teaching subjects, that they are taught with great skill. My chemistry teacher, for example, sometimes goes off into lectures about topics that are way over our heads, yet makes them interesting and exciting, getting us even further involved. With limited resources i feel that the teachers do their best in making sure the students are learning and understanding with great success.
Many safety drills are issued and measurements are taken to keep the students as safe as possible. We have an officer hat i always see walking through the halls or in the cafeteria and he is always there when needed. I feel safe knowing that such measures are taken for my safety and everyone else's as well.
The teachers and staff try their best with what limited resources they have, to create a space filled with learning and experimenting. They really stress using the knowledge you have and applying it to problems that you have yet seen, thus stressing us to put our minds to the test and use knowledge that sometimes we didn't know we possessed. Along with the efforts, the environment we learn in is kept as comfortable as possible. Technology from kindles to laptops is available just with a signature from a guardian. I believe that on its own helps many students that are incapable of supporting their growing needs of education and knowledge. College prep is stressed and dealt with often. Guidance counselors are always available to help, and encourage everyone through daily reminders of chances to better their resume and their minds. Parent involvement has always been a strong aspect of the school whether it be through the school website or extracurricular activities. I believe we are guided into becoming great citizens with the help of our school and our community.
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