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Macomb Public School is a wonderful place to be, from hands-on activities with children of many ages to the time and hard work put into every lesson. Each student has a high chance of aiming for things bigger than their hopes and dreams, at such a small school.
Its a small school. Not many people are interested.
For the most part this school has a wonderful teaching staff, but this school has a colorful history of teachers that were not there for teaching. For the past four years a teacher has been fired or forced to resign for being involved inappropriately with students.
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As long as you're nice the students are nice and friendly. But if someone is rude or purposely hurtful to someone, someone else will step in and put a stop to it. This school is like family and family takes up for family.
Our school switches guidance counselors like no other. We have a new one every single year and the new one we have this year has not even attempted to make herself known or help any of the seniors with graduation and college.
Our school has one police officer. People can just come and go as they please. Its a very good thing our community is small and full of good people for the most part or we would have some serious problems.
The cafeteria food is repulsive. The whole room is unsanitary and most of the high school students get their lunch from the kwik stop across the street, which is terrible for you too but at least you don't have to eat your lunch in someone else's mess they made.
This school does not have the funding offered for certain classes such as foreign languages, but any student willing to take a class online can take one. The teachers help anyone in need if they ask and try their best to help everyone succeed.
Its like one big family who lives in a big red barn! (literally our school is a big red barn). We sometimes all don't get along but in the end, this school is too small for everyone to not be best friends. :) I wouldn't want to go anywhere else for high school.
Everyone in an after school activity really seems to enjoy it. We may not have the most up to date stuff for the activities and some stuff may be a little worn out, but everyone has a great time with each other.
Our school is very inconsistent. For certain people being able to get away with bullying, the dress code, or anything else that's small enough to be swept underneath the rug is very easy. For other people, even just the slightest mishap, can get them in a ton of trouble. At my school its not really about who you are. Its who your parents are or who you're related too.
At Macomb we have football, cheerleading, baseball (in the spring), softball, and basketball. Macomb is definitely a basketball school right now, its the only sport taken completely seriously by everyone. Everything else is just for fun, but its okay because that's really what sports should be all about.
I love my small school but there's not much to do. We have limited things and majority are athletics, lucky I love sports but there are others who don't. We don't have many sports either. Just softball, basketball and cheer. We don't have many high advanced classes. No AP classes, majority of seniors either go concurrent for 1/2 of the day or go to a Vocational school, like me. This school is very limited. But I love how close I know everyone. My school is a Class A school.
Our school is located in the middle of no where. There are no bomb threats or intruders attacking.
The no holes above the pants and muscle shirts are a bit crazy. But it does make us look a bit more formal
At our school there are many different social groups. There aren't really popular and unpopular though. It's more like we're grouped by what we like. So with that being said, there isn't a whole lot of peer pressure. Our school is a great place to be if you just want to be you! We don't judge very much on race either. Our school is a great place to make friends!
Our school isn't very strict on taking bullying seriously. For the most part, bullying is just dismissed as kids being kids. Some of the students try to stop it but if it isn't a fight then the teachers and faculty don't pay much attention to it.
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At our school there are many varying opinions on many new school rules that have been implemented since our new superintendent came. The biggest rule that none of the students or faculty agree with would be the no food or drinks on campus at any time for any reason. We've always been allowed to eat and drink in class as long as it doesn't interfere with our learning. For the most part, that's the biggest problem with any polices at our school. All other rules and policies are mostly accepted by everyone.
The food in our cafeteria definitely isn't a five star restaurant. However, the food is pretty tasty. Most of the students at our school enjoy our cafeteria's food. It's better than starving all day, But it's not something i would just choose to eat if I had a choice.
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