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Very poor educational experience for our child. The curriculum is extremely conservative pedagogically, and many, if not most of the faculty, are religiously affiliated. This results in heavy-handed moralistic teaching methods, and poor outcomes for student of diverse backgrounds. Teachers use systems of rewards, often relying on food, to motivate children, which robs them of the joy of learning and sets up long-lasting, unhealthy relationships with food.
The school is obsessed with safety. Endless fire, active shooter, and lockdown drills, armed security guards on campus, and horrible logistics for picking up or dropping off your child.
The administration is clueless and overpaid (Milford makes over 250k/yr, while average teacher pay is ~45k - over 5x as much!). Check the schools 990 forms.
It's my strong recommendation to send your child virtually anywhere else.
I loved being on the varsity tennis team. It helped me make friendships that will last a lifetime. It also taught me a lot of things. Maclay also helped me realize what I wanted to do career-wise. I took the school's graphic design class and knew right away that I wanted to be a graphic designer. Without that class or the amazing teacher, I would probably be studying something I'm not even passionate about.
Maclay is an amazing school that focuses on all aspects of its learners from PreK going forward. The campus is top notch + teachers, curriculum, activities and administrative staff highly impressive. Staff is consistently determined and eager to help each child grow into their best self.
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As an alumni, I had a great experience at Maclay. I feel I received a wonderful education and was surrounded by kind friends and supportive faculty and staff. As a parent of students attending Maclay, I see those qualities continue in this school. We are very pleased with the education our kids are receiving there and the attributes of hard work, kindness, fun, and character that are being reinforced at school.
My experience with Maclay School has been a normal experience for any other high schooler. Some programs that they have do lack compared to other schools, but they make up for it in other aspects of high school. To do well here, you do need to take the right classes. However, all of the classes offered here do prepare you in the best ways for college. Overall, I would give Maclay School a "very good" rating because it is a helpful community, that cares for one another. I have always felt more comfortable at smaller schools, and I guess that is one of the major reasons why Maclay has been good for me. This school is a very good high school.
Maclay School is a small private school in the panhandle of Florida. I transferred here after attending a K-8 religious school. I found Maclay to be welcoming to me as a new study in the ninth grade. I participated in the athletic programs with football and wrestling and was challenged to grow physically and mentally. Coaches are touch but they are interested in growing your character as a man.
Maclay has good teachers that are always available as resources to help when needed. Relatively new administration has spent energy improving the quality of the facilities and the overall beauty of the campus. Skilled and very hard working security staff provide a safe environment with recent upgrades to the security plan. Classes are tough and lots of paper writing is required that I hope will prepare me for the next level of education. I would give the school an overall A-.
Our kids have attended Maclay since middle school (now high schoolers). Transitioning the kids to Maclay at middle school was the perfect time. We feel confident both kids are receiving an excellent education with a focus on college prep. Each kid focuses on their unique academic, athletic and extracurricular desires and strengths. Maclay is a wonderful community of staff, students and very engaged families.
I loved my Maclay experience! I was well-prepared for college (which was especially noticeable when I took my writing courses) and still keep in touch with many of my peers and teachers. Maclay gave me the impetus to continue my education and become a physician!
Maclay has been a great environment for my children. Coming from another private school here in town, we were worried about the transition. Needless to say, my children did just fine.

Both of my children are excelling in their academics. The teachers are phenomenal, especially Mr. Norment, Dr. Day, Dr. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Fantle, Miss Armstrong, Mrs. Hunter, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Maferrer and so many others!

I've had many people ask why Maclay? That's simple, I'm investing in my children's future. There is no better gift, than that of a great education.
I would like to give Maclay a better rating but unfortunately there is a lack of diversity, a lack of teacher oversight and training and a culture that focuses on one specific type of student.
I like how easy it is to approach teachers and recieve guidance from them. Also, because it is a small school it is easy to get close to your peers and form lasting relationships with them.
Macaly School provides it students with a unique schedule that allows for internships as well as a great education and college preparation. However the school is not diverse and does not allow for a lot of individuality but instead forces students to be one way. The school could change a lot to improve in overal experience outside of the classroom. Go to leon.
I loved going to Maclay. It gave me a sense of family because of the small community that the school has. Being involved around campus in clubs and sports I was able to meet a know most of my peers throughout high school. A lot of the students have attended the school for all 12 years. The teacher to student ratio is very low which allows for more flexible teaching styles and more help from the teachers if needed. College counseling was a huge plus because the college application and admission process can be very intimidating. They start talking to us about college starting in eighth grade and I believe this prepared me to take on my next four years of high school and strive to do my best.
Maclay has prepared me for when I leave for college. The classroom size is not to big. I can go talk with my teacher if I nees help.
I love the small class size at Maclay . The teachers go out of their way to help you learn if you are struggling with a concept. I also enjoy the campus. It is a beautiful campus with much to offer many students.
Maclay is preparing our three children to meet and exceed the challenges of tomorrow with their programs inside, and outside, the classroom -including the application of real-world skills. The Maclay faculty is gifted in their ability to identify the possibilities within each and every child, helping them find their passion, and getting each student on their pathway to success so they are prepared to go out into the world to become tomorrow's leaders.
Maclay is a K-12 private, nonsectarian, college preparatory school. Although it is deficient in some areas (lack of diversity, less than average facilities, restrictions on individual expression,) it is an excellent school academically and undoubtedly prepares students for college and the world. The teachers and staff are amazing, the classes they offer are superb, the schedule is great, the clubs are phenomenal, and it is a small school so everyone's voice is heard and everyone has their own opportunity to leave a mark on the school.
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Maclay is suited for a select few students. The average, well rounded students seem to struggle. The culture is very authoritarian which makes it difficult for many students to feel valued.
Maclay is an amazing school with many teachers that will want to help you. This school gives everything and more for every student to succeed and I am very happy with having gone here for almost a decade.
I really enjoy Maclay School. The teachers are great and very knowledgeable about their subjects and the students are very friendly and sweet. The updated dining hall is a great extension to the community. Food is great with access to Which Wich, hot meal of the day, a salad bar and burgers.
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