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Macks Creek High School Reviews

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There are only very very few teachers that I feel like they actually care.
We do not have many extracurricular activities besides basketball, baseball, softball and track and field. we do not have any clubs in this school because we can not afford it or we are too small to be able to create them. But student who are in the activities that are provided are spending time and enjoying them.
The food is alright but I believe they should have more verity for the students who can not eat certain things but they do not.
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I've been at this school for 7.5 years all together and it is a great school but I do not enjoy how un open the school is. There is no other culture or anything different in the school, we only have one or two minorities and that would be Mexicans and Asian culture. This school is very un open when it comes to anyone different than what the other students and teachers are use to. But personally I have waiting for the day that I leave this area and move to the bigger city because it is too small for me.
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