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Mackinac Island School is very small. There is an average of four people in each grade. As a result of the small numbers, the teachers learn each students strengths and weaknesses. Students are able to get one-on-one help from staff almost every day. Unfortunately, there is only one available club, the Youth Advisory Council, and the food is sub par. There are instruments to play if you want to learn how, including piano, ukulele, trombone, and guitar. We have an excellent gymnasium that we play volleyball and basketball in. Other sports offered to students include cross country, track and field, and golf. Due to the lack of students, anyone can be on the sports teams without try-outs. Unfortunately, students have to be around the same group of people constantly. Over the winter, students succumb to cabin fever when they are unable to leave town. Mackinac Island School prepares students for college, but I do not recommend the experience for others.
I spent a total of three years at the Mackinac Island Public School and thoroughly enjoyed my time there while receiving one of the best educations offered in the area. The one-on-one time provided by the teachers and faculty was exceptional and allowed for a deeper understanding on our school work. I believe that it did properly prepare me for my future studies.
With the little kids that we have, there are no tryouts in any sport. It gives all of the kids an opportunity to play different sports and to become confident into the things that they do. On game days, all of the players dress up fancy attire and show off all of the school spirit that we can give. We all come together as a family when it comes to our games. Without it, we wouldn't be able to work as team or become as one on the court. This school gives all of the kids a chance to shine in anything they do.
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Since there are so little of us at our school, we are all very close. We all know one another very well and try to get along as much as we can. In the winter time, we all ride snowmobiles and travel across the lakes to travel to different parts of the Upper Peninsula, such as Kinross and Grand Marais. My favorite memories at this school would have to be the sport games and the trips that we take every year.
The teachers really help you with what you need help in. There is only about thirty kids in our high school, and we all take advantage of the one on one learning. They also offer us different sports throughout the seasons and different groups to join such as YAC and Close-up.
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