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Mackay Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Mackay High School is a very small school in rural Idaho. I loved the close knit community, everyone knew everyone and people were always willing to reach out to help their neighbors. The school was very adamant about students attending class every day and getting students involved in sports, FFA, or debate . There were not many clubs to join and absolutely no diversity since it is such a small Idaho town. I was completely ready for college once I graduated but deeply needed experience around new people.
Mackay Jr Sr High is small school with many opportunities. Mackay has amazing teachers. It has a great sports department. Everyone is involved. Mackay is a great school to attend.
They really do a great deal with limited funds.
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Our school is very small so many of the criteria does not apply.
There are opportunities for extracurricular activities primarily sports and FFA. Our sports programs allow everyone to participate - no one is cut unless there are behavior or academic problems.
The school's teachers an administration continually try to help our students. They demonstrate this by being helpful but also fair in any disciplinary actions and by offering support as needed for all students.
The teachers at our school are the best. They have been willing to go above and beyond to help my student. This did not happen at his previous school.
It's a small school where everybody gets some sort of one on one with the teachers.
There are many programs that this school has to offer which include FFA, 4H, as well as many athletic programs.
We do not have a school nurse or security. Our school is unique in that we dont need many things and yet we are successful.
We have a gym open to student athlets. We have a weight room that is always open to students at all time. Sports are very important to this school but the number of kids have dropped so it has been rough.
I personaly have not ate at the lunch room in a long time. Since I have been able to drive and if you go to town you can eat as much as you want plus select what you get to eat I higly like it. The school doesnt allow much time for kids to eat so that would be one thing I would change.
We really dont need that many policies because 90% of the students behave. We really dont have a bullying or a dress code problem in this little school.
The teachers are mostly avalable to students if they need extra help. The building is in good shape. We have received grants and have chrom books that kids can use as they need. This school works with students to help them succed.
This school provides a varitety of extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in. In the past we used to be very successful in male sports. Most of the students are commited till the end to any activity they decide to participate in. This school is shrinking in size and it has been hard to get kids to come out and participate in sports or extracurricular activities.
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