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Machias Memorial High School Reviews

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Machias is a very small school but it's the best place to meet and make friends. The teachers there will become your friends and will be there for whenever you need them. I've learned a lot about Machias over the years and the community is so caring and supportive. If you ever decide to go to Machias it will be once place you remember.
Machias High School has excellent teachers, great AP and honors classes to get you ready for college, and a great small school atmosphere. When I leave here I will be ready to excel in college. Teachers stay after school to help anyone that needs it, SAT prep is also available. We have great sports teams with a high level of success and family atmosphere. Everyone knows everyone and helps one another. There is nothing I would change about my 4 years here. I love my teachers, teams, and the school in general.
I transferred to Machias my Sophomore year of high school. I have loved every minute of being here, except the expected drama that comes with every school. What I would like to see change is the fact that if someone is being bullied, there are no repercussions for the bully.
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MMHS is in a rural area so we don't have too many safety problems, for the most part, everyone feels safe. We do have the occasional case of bullying, but what school doesn't? Problems like that are always taken very seriously and are taken care of right away.
Nobody gets pressured into anything here, you do what you want.
It's not that bad, but it does have a lot of room for improvement. Some of the teachers don't do their jobs completely and don't see to it that students are fully equipped with the knowledge they're going to need for college. The new principle is doing the school a lot of good though as far as getting the school to be more technologically equipped.
The athletics are alright, the girls always seem to get treated a little differently than the boys.
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