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I graduated from Macdowell Montessori. I went there for all four years of high school. Some of the teacher will really push you to do better but a lot of the won’t. I wouldn’t recommend going here at all. It’s a really small school that doesn’t really get you ready for college at all.
It's great if you want to stay in a small high school or are used to Montessori learning. It is also an IB school which is nice.
As a student who has been attending MacDowell for 15 years, I can honestly say it's a great school where you can have a great education and learn life skills through the Montessori teaching style. Over the years at MacDowell, I have made life long friends through my community and the opportunities it provides. Though I have enjoyed my time at Macdowell I personally feel that the administration should get to know students better and try to understand the situation rather than brushing them off like its, not a serious issue, personally I believe they don't care about students because of the way problems are handled.
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I knew very little about public schools due to me going to a Catholic institution for the majority of my education. I went to MacDowell Montessori for my four years of high school. I assumed it would be difficult for me to fit in because I was not familiar with the school system. This, however, was not the case MacDowell's community was warm and sociable. As a result of MacDowell's welcoming atmosphere, I was able to express myself to the fullest. Besides, that MacDowell offered potlucks, programs, picnics, game and movie night, and so much more. My previous school did not have all these opportunities to be engaged and interact with the school community. This is what I appreciate about MacDowell the most, their ability to find approaches for community building. I came to MacDowell Montessori as a stranger with the mindset of not fitting in. After walking across the stage I will be leaving as a family member with countless glorious memories.
so Hi yeah im still in here but so far its really good. We have a full IB program. I would love to see the lunches change though.
I felt so comfortable at this school because of the sense of community. The instructors were always willing to help you, and were always encouraging me to do my absolute best.
I would make it a high school only. Having the younger kids in the school, in my opinion, isn't a good idea. Sometimes the upper classmen are very rude and disrespectful. I've seen them curse around the younger kids and just be blatantly disrespectful. That's not a good example to set for the younger kids.
Learning was always hands on, teachers did what they could to make sure students understood what was being taught. Great teacher to student ratio
My experience at Macdowell Montessori was great. Academically, the school does a good job in preparing students for college life. The teachers connect with students in several areas of life. They intend to help all students succeed, and give them the extra encouragement needed to do so. Wherever you aim to be, the staff will help you get there.
I played varsity volleyball all four years of my attendance there, and it truly was an amazing experience. The sports coaches all want the best for their players. There are several different sports available, meaning that there is something for everyone. Many of my best friends were on my volleyball team.
I must say that Macdowell truly did a lot for me. This includes my years in pre-K all the way to my high school graduation. I am glad that I was one of the students that attended the school from k3-12th grade.
Great school. Teachers have great knowledge. Safe school. Good learning curriculum. Good academics. They prepare you for college. School is clean. Students are ready to learn. Teachers are ready to teach.
The teachers really want to the best for every student, we house K-12 so we're not the biggest highschool, though having students who want to do what they can for their academic future, and are well rounded students can help make our school greater. As I attend here the school isn't the greatest, not the richest, but definitely provides and does the best it can for it's students with what it has. I have been at this school since 8th grade and plan on graduating here, and can't wait to enter the IB program. I love this school an don't regret being here.
MacDowell is a diverse community of lifelong learners. The family style feel holds us all accountable for the success of our kids. A K3-12 public montessori school wih IB, we are so blessed to have it in our neighborhood. They offer a wide variety of extra curricular activities and athletics- and really focus on educating the whole child.
Its okay, most of the teacher are great! Our administration is a little iffy though. One thing is it would be nice if we focused on bettering the highschool portion of the school and if the student body was asked what we would like to see happen and actually have some of it happen.
I like that MacDowell is a very hands on learning environment. It is also K-12, small class sizes and each student is spoken to individually.
I like the fact that this school is community based and will stop at nothing to make sure their students succeed. If you are failing a class there is not one teacher that wouldn't help you get your grade up because they actually care about their students. It is pretty hard to fail a class at this school, and the teachers are very warm and welcoming.
My son is in k4 and we have had a wonderful experience so far. He was nervous about starting school. His teacher is warm and caring and truly loves what she does. The school communicated with and involves parents. My son has learned so much in the few months he has been at school. I am constantly surprised by the things he's learning to do. I think he has really thrived in the Montessori setting combined with the caring staff at Macdowell.
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